Reviews, Tips and Buying Guide to the Best Marijuana Vaporizers for 2018

Best Dry Herb (Weed) Vaporizer for 2018 -Found, Tested and Reviewed -Find the best vaporizer for your medical marijuana, hash, wax and shatter!This vaporizer review site was designed to act as a guide for all those of us who have a passion for Weed (also known as Marijuana, Cannabis, Dry Herb, Mary Jane, Dope, Grass, Pot, etc.) be it for medication or for recreation and are looking for the absolute best vaporizers on the market (portable and/or desktop) in an effort to find a healthier alternative to smoking it without always being forced to just eat it instead.

Particularly for those of us who are medicinal users, vaping offers the purest, healthiest, cleanest and by far, most potent method of ingestion.

I started using a dry herb vaporizer about eight or nine years ago when I invested in a machine called “The Voodoo Mystifire” (shown on the right below).

At that time, it was around $400.00. My friends all thought I was nuts for spending so much but I was convinced that with all the money I would save by using only a fraction of the weed that it would pay for itself in no time.

Best Personal Dry Herb (Marijuana) Vaporizers for 2018 (not this one...) Full Reviews of the Top Brands and Models for 2018!

Although the logic was sound, as you do require a lot less herb when vaping compared to smoking, in fact I would usually get the same effect from less than half the amount I would need to smoke when I vaped it instead.

Where it failed to work for me was the noise this particular machine made which was horrendous, and the hassle of getting out the bags, warming up the machine, all the while living with that nearly deafening sound while I vaped out my bowl.

What I did absolutely love was the effect. The high (relief) was so much more intense than I was used to from smoking and I really enjoyed the taste of the vapor, you just get so much more of the natural flavor of the plant with the vapor as opposed to smoke.

The other thing I noticed during those first few months of vaping, is that I would get so much more benefit from the plant without any of the drowsiness and lethargy I would normally get when I smoked it.

My enthusiasm was unfortunately short lived only because of the hassle of getting it out and set up and the horrible noise the fan made every time I turned it on.

Quickly rolling a joint or doing a few bong hits seemed so much easier and because of the noise factor, I would always have to stop doing whatever I was doing whenever I wanted a few hits. It was literally almost as loud as a plane passing overhead.

Best Portable Medical Marijuana Vaporizers of 2018 (not this one...) Full Brand Reviews and Buying Guide for the Best Weed Vapes for your Medical Marijuana!

I used it quite a bit in the beginning but soon thereafter it gathered dust in a closet and was only brought out a couple times a year, more as a novelty or to show a friend how it worked.

During that period, I had heard people speak of the Volcano (shown below), and in fact when I originally bought my “Mystifier”, I remember them speaking about it at High Times, but I had a hard enough time to get my wife at the time on board for the $400.00, never mind the $600-650.00 for the Volcano.

That was obviously a mistake, as by now I know, as I’m sure many readers here do too, that the Volcano really is one of the best marijuana vaporizers in the world. It certainly is the best desktop vaporizer I have ever used. It produces some of the cleanest, purest and most potent vapor and I’m still amazed at how quietly it runs even at the higher fan speeds.

Had I started with the Volcano, I would have saved myself years of frustration and would have been pretty much a full time vaper much, much sooner. Oh well, as the saying goes: You live, you learn.

Later on, I also tried Voodoo’s more portable unit (as seen above on the left) but wasn’t all that impressed. It worked but not as well as the larger unit and only for a couple of months before it petered out and then stopped working completely. Not really a machine I would recommend. It literally caused me more frustration than it ever relieved.

It was’t until a couple of years later that I finally broke down a bought the Volcano. I had spent almost the whole year prior kicking myself after reading so many good things about it in reviews online. I have been happy with it ever since. It still works like a charm every time I turn it on and I’ve had mine about six years now.

Best Dry Herb (Weed) Vaporizers Reviewed -The Volcano Desktop Vaporizer. The Best Vaporizer Overall for Medical Marijuana (Cannabis)

The Volcano really is the best desktop vaporizer on the planet even now more than 10 years after being introduced.

That being said, the price hasn’t come down enough to make it a top choice for many and with advances being made technologically every year, you can now get results very close for a lot less than the $5-600.00 plus that the Volcano still costs.

What has been amazing to me over the last few years, is not only how quickly vaping itself took off in popularity but also how quickly vaporizer technology has advanced.

It is now possible to have virtually the same type of experience, both in terms of vapor production, purity and overall quality that was traditionally only available on the Volcano in units less than half the price, some that fit right in the palm of your hand or your pocket.

It wasn’t long after using my Volcano that I caught the “vapor bug” and I have spent the last six plus years trying and testing nearly every vaporizer I could find both in the desktop category as well as more recently, the portable and pen style categories as well.

So…if weed is your thing and you are looking to get the most out of it, stick around for a bit, get comfortable and use my experience to help you find the vape that’s right for you! If you have questions regarding any brand discussed here or omitted, use the comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer you as soon as I can. I hope you enjoy, and…happy vaping!

Getting The Most Out Of This Site…


Best Dry Herb Weed Vaporizers -Found, Tested and Reviewed -Find the best vaporizer for your medical marijuana, hash, wax and shatter!If you are new to the marijuana vaping scene, use this site to familiarize yourself with the better vaporizers on the market today.

Use the pull down menus to zero in on a particular brand, or use the list in the full review sections to narrow down your choices using the ranking system and score cards.

I have listed the vaporizers in each section in order of rank, starting with the best.

For those unfamiliar with these units specifically, my recommendation is to stick with one of the top few listed in each category as they really are the best and the easiest to use.

If you are a seasoned weed vaper, please feel free to use the comment section to share your experience and make some recommendations of your own!

Tried one of the vapes listed here? Let others know what you think! Which is the best marijuana vaporizer for 2018 in your opinion? Let us know!



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10 thoughts on “Reviews, Tips and Buying Guide to the Best Marijuana Vaporizers for 2018

  1. I have the original pocket DaVinci, been using almost 2 years now and I work construction. That thing can take a serious beating and it keeps right on ticking. I dropped the thing more than once from 12 feet and the damn thing keeps right on hummin’. I wish some of my tools were as tough! I personally would rank it #1 though, but I can see the appeal for some in the Ascent. It’s soooo pretty…lol…a little too fragile looking for my taste but to each their own I guess. Anyhow, DaVinci all the way!!!!

    • That original DaVinci is pretty rugged, I agree! I used it myself as my go to vape for a couple of years. I dropped mine countless times as well…nothing close to 12 feet though! Hahaha! Enjoy it!

  2. I bought the Ascent when it first came out after using the original for a few years. I agree with your assessment but they are both good. I’m a graphic artist so I don’t need the bulk or durability of the first one most of the time and the ascent fits right into a suit pocket. It’s a great machine. Anyhow, great site…I’ll come see you again soon and see what’s new! Vape on!

    • Nice! The Ascent is my favorite thus far too. You just can’t beat it. Glad you are enjoying it and I hope to see you back…I can’t wait to see what’s next. Happy vaping!

  3. I also use my DaVinci vape daily. I can’t wait to try it with some good strains. Pot here varies from here to there but every now and then I would come across some good homegrown shit.

  4. I own both the original and the Ascent,but are very good,it took a while to find the best amount and the type grinder to use (not very fine,a more coarse texture).Both take herbal and concentrate.Great price and well built.
    Don’t leave home without it.

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