PersonalWeedVaporizers.com -About / Profile PicThanks for your interest in my little vaporizer blog! My name is Shawn, I’m in my early forties and I have been a medical marijuana user now for close to 15 years. I started this blog to share my passion not only for the medicine that has helped me in countless ways, but also for this relatively new technology that helps me get the maximum benefit from it.

When I first started using medical marijuana, I used to smoke it almost exclusively. It helped me tremendously, but I did find that I was lazier than usual and after a day of smoking I would always end up quite lethargic in the evening.

When I would complain about this to some of my close friends, they would almost always suggest I try eating it instead. I did try using it in some cookies, and I really enjoyed it, particularly to deal with back pain, but I would usually feel more tired than when I smoked it.

Up until about 8 or 9 years ago when I got my first vaporizer, I was resigned to just dealing with it and when I had something important to do late in the day, I would just restrict my intake. Vaping has changed all that for me, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am. That’s probably the main reason I am still so passionate about it.

Once I started vaping instead of smoking, I was able to use as much as I needed during the day without the accompanying tiredness that would inevitably follow from smoking it. I was able to go all day long and still be active and happy at night. Although my first purchase in vaporizers wasn’t that great, it was enough to start me on this journey which has been and continues to be a blast, so I have no regrets.

Once I got my Volcano, the rest as they say is history. I have tried virtually every vaporizer on the market both in the desktop and portable category and I have compiled a list in each that I consider the best of the best. I anxiously await new arrivals from some of my favorite brands and I can’t wait to share what I find.

For any truly avid vaper out there, or if you smoke cigarettes and would like to quit, check out my other blog where I review some of the best electronic cigarette vaporizers and discuss using e-cigs as a method of quitting smoking.

Once again, thanks for stopping by and I hope my experience is able to help you find the best vape for you! Feel free to use the comment sections for questions, or for private queries, feel free to write me at shawn@personalweedvaporizers.com


Vape on and happy 2017!

Shawn M.






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21 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, so I really like your site and your reviews, you seem to really know your stuff and unlike a lot of review sites you don’t seem to have an emotional bias towards or against any vape or vape company. It’s really refreshing!

    I just wanted to let you know that I would LOVE to read your review on the Firewood 3.0. I saw in your MFLB review you said MFLB was the only vape you’d tested that was mostly wood. Well, contact the maker of Firewood and ask him for a review unit, or at the very least to hold one for you to buy to review. They’re currently out of stock and keep selling out in like 15 minutes every time there is stock.

    Hope to see your review soon, bookmarked your site! Really, great job here!

  2. i have a question. I now own an Asolo, then bought a Crafty, which I love. been vaping 1-2 yrs. lost track. medical use. sTorz and bickel will not answer my email queries in straightforward way. covering their backs. they pretend i bought this for lavender and chamomile, exclusively. frustrating lack of customer support.

    Q: how can I vape solid hashish in either of these units, without screwing anything up. ? I hope you know and can tell me…and, down the road, as more options open up, how to vape concentrates or oils. looking eventualy to get a destop. your reviews are great. do all the desktops that you mentioned vape all the forms of herb, as mentioned? so far, in canada, the LP’s only do bud, but concentrates are a comin. its hard to get an answer on this question online. thanks

    • Hi Lesly,
      I completely understand your frustration, it can be aggravating talking to these companies about the actual intended purpose of their products! 🙂 Anyhow, what works best for me with both those units, is to lay a thin bed of dry herb at the bottom of the chamber and lay my hash on top of it, that way it won’t stick to the bottom. Works quite well. I used to do the same thing in my pipe when I smoked primarily. I lay a bed of green and drop a flat disk of hash on top and call it a doughnut. Hahaha! Hope that helps!

      • Thanks for your reply Shawn. detail: how thin would the hash piece be, as in quite thin, and does it require higher temp than bud.. Its a solid little chunk, but slices easily w razor. great taste and wafts of smoke on a pin. nice doughnut image.

        • I guess I would say shoot for around a millimeter or less as far as thickness and I find the same temperature as my dried bud works great but I do cycle up through a session as well. Let me know how it goes!

  3. Hey Shawn! Ive had the same vaporizer for about 3 years now, the No2 by Vapir. Its kinda funny looking, im sure you know about it, but Ive used it nearly every day, had at least 1000 sessions with it and it still works very well. The thing I like most about it is that I can use it for upwards of an hour, maybe even 2, and it will still be pushing out vapor. Unfortunately at this point its pretty old, dirty, and not as advanced as the new vaporizers coming out. Im really considering buying the Ascent from DaVinci, as you highly recommend it. The question I have though is what vape would you suggest if my main concern is the amount of use I can get out of one bowl. I like to be able to use my vape on the go but whats most important to me is being able to sit down, watch a movie, and it still be kicking by the end. I don’t want to spend more than 200 but im willing to spend almost 300 if its really going to be worth it. Is the DaVinci my best bet? Could I use it with 3-4 people? Please let me know, I really appreciate this website you have put together, its really informative and has saved me a lot time searching for a vape.

    Ps: A final question I had about the DaVinci, is there a disadvantage to it loading at the bottom? I feel like it could get really dirty inside the tube or whatever the vapor travels through before it gets to the mouthpiece. Ive seen a couple other vapes like that and wondered the same thing, most vapes Ive used just connect the mouth piece to the chamber. Thanks again, keep up the website!

    • Hi Warn,

      I’m glad you are finding it informative. I remember the Vapir, I used that No. 2 myself quite a few times. Not a bad vaporizer but I understand the desire for an upgrade after 3 years!

      I think you would be more than thrilled with the performance and the size of the heating chamber on the Ascent.

      I’m not sure if you can expect to get 90 minute sessions on it unless you are shutting it off every few hits, but the chamber is large enough to accommodate sessions of 2-4 people (depending on tolerances of course).

      The chamber is at the bottom of the unit which I like personally because it cools the vapor a little before it hits my mouth. The glass vapor path is easy to clean as long as you don’t wait too long to do it. Since it comes with two in the kit, what I do is just soak the dirty one in iso-alcohol and use the other until it’s clean. No real hassle there.

      If you really are looking for the largest herb chamber though, the Mighty would be your best bet but it’s quite a bit more than $300.00.

      I really think you would be more than pleased with the Ascent. A very close second would be the G-Pen Elite but it has a slightly smaller oven.

      I hope that helps. Definitely come back and let us know what your final decision was and how you are enjoying it!


  4. Shawn, first time reader here. Am 67 and have been smoking fairly regularly for 40 years. Just bud; no oils or edibles. Never owned a vape. My research today on the net focused on the best THC transfer mechanism primarily, with tar removal as a second function of the delivery mechanism. Learned my bong was not the best choice for delivery; too much THC coating the insides. An old old vaporizer called the Tilt had the best THC transfer rate but it’s no longer sold. Am wondering which vape you would recommend for the best THC transfer.

    • Hey Jerry,

      Glad you stopped by! My only method of measuring THC transfer rate is by the flavor and effect, not exactly scientific lol but I would say the Volcano is best if you’re looking for a stationary at home vaporizer and the DaVinci IQ or Ascent in the portable category. Hope that helps!


  5. Hi Shawn,

    I’ve bought a G Pro DGK to try it, and the result is ok but the vaporized “air” is quite warm and my throat hurts even days after the using. Has all portable vaporizers this problem or just at this low priced pen? I’m thinking of to buy a V2 Pro series 7 or Pax2, can you help me if this warm problem will be solved at this vapotizers? Thanks for the answerand sorry for my bad english 😆

    • Hey sthebolch,

      Sounds like you’re either burning your material or have a faulty vaporizer. Warm is OK if it’s vapor, but if it’s hurting your throat days after, that sounds more like smoke to me. Neither the V2 Pro Series 7 not the Pax 2 will do that so either one will be a nice step up. Hope that helps 🙂

  6. Hey Shawn,

    I red your review about the V2 Pro series 7. As you wrote its chamber size is enough for .3, .4 grams but I can get high 7-8 times from this amount (I have used pipe this before). My question is that if I have to fill full the chamber or it works with less weed?
    My next question is that you mentioned that you start then sessions at the lower temperature and after the higher. Is this the good way at the weed to get the best effects of it?

    • Hey Sthebolch,

      Yes, you can vape a half chamber with it, just use the screens to hold it down so it’s pretty well packed at the bottom.

      As far as temperatures go you do get different effects at different temperatures so if you start too high, you burn off many of the good cannabinoids too quickly to get their full effect. I start low, do a full session at a low setting and then come back, raise it, do another session etc. I find I get more out of my herb that way.

  7. Hey Shawn,

    What that screen means? I’ve looked for but neither at the includes or add-ons I can’t found. Ok I get it is kind of “roof” that I can put into the chamber but where can I buy it? I’m thinking of maybe the series 3 is enough to me ‘cos as you mentioned it has a small chamber but the vaporizing quality the same as the series 7. Maybe the more temperature setting will be missing to me…
    I’ve red your review about the G Pen Elite. You liked it and if I want to get the full effect of my herb then is this vaporizer the better choice vs the series 7? Which temperatures do you advice for the best effects?
    Sorry for the much questions but I’m trying to choice at the best pen which is good for me ☺

    • Hey sthebolch,

      No worries, I completely understand, that’s why I started this blog! The screens I was talking about come in the box with the V2 Series 7. They look a little different than the pipe screens but you could use those too. Anything that keeps the herb nicely packed at the bottom of the oven.

      Of course, if budget isn’t your main concern, I would say go for the DaVinci IQ, but given a choice between the V2 Series 3, 7 or the G-Pen Elite, I would choose the G-Pen Elite for sure. It has a nice ceramic oven which holds the temperature better and more evenly than metal, and it has a fully digital display with adjustments of one degree increments.

      It’s good and not overly priced. You can also do half sessions with it, but you’ll have to use your own pipe screens. I cut them in half with the G-Pen due to the shape of the oven. Works great.

      I usually start my sessions off at about 360-365. You don’t get as much visible vapor at that temp. but there is lots of flavor and good effect without feeling tired. I slowly work my way up to about 410-420. I usually do 3-4 sessions on a full bowl that way.

      Hope that helps and let me know which one you went for and how it’s working out! 🙂


  8. Hey Shawn,

    Thanks for the idea of the changing the temperature settings ‘cos I’ve tried it at three sessions with the G Pro (and I waited 3-4 hours between) and it works really well! It has 120, 190, 215 celsius degrees and all of the three got me the good effect.
    I have deicided to buy the Grenco Elite. The V2Pro 3 and 7 has some drawbacks (the temperature setting – the 3 has one and the 7’s lowest good and the others too hot for the weed-, and the unique magnetic charger ‘cos if it goes wrong I can’t use until the new arrives). Though I’m interesting in the e-liquid (I have never tried it this before) but I’ll find an another solve for that (I red that 1,6ml liquid is enough for around 800 puffs – is it true?). Can you advice pen for e-liquid too? And do you known that if exist some e-liquid which has good medical effect (lung, throttle) ‘cos I’m asthma.


    • Sthebolch,

      Good choice! I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it! I understand what you mean about the charging connection, makes sense. The G-Pen uses a regular micro USB at least.

      As far as e-liquid goes, I did vape it to quit smoking and had the easiest time quitting ever! It’s been several years now but I still like to vape on occasion especially when having a drink.

      The amount of e-liquid vaped per puff greatly varies between device used and the resistance of the coil so there is no set answer there. When I first started on an ego style e-cig, 30 ml of e-liquid used to last over a month but once I started sub-ohm vaping it was a bottle every two days!

      You can check out this page: https://vaporferver.com/e-cigarette-reviews/ego-style-and-3-piece-e-cig-starter-kits/ I love the VaporFi Rocket it works great and is almost indestructible and Halo Triton is another great choice IMO.

      You can check out some great e-liquid here: https://vaporferver.com/e-liquid-reviews/

      Hope that helps,

      • Hey Shawn,

        Thanks for everything, I’ll check the e-cigs and liquids and if my G Elite will be in my hands I’m gonna tell you how it works ☺


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