Best of the Budget -Best Portable Vaporizers on a Budget

Best Portable Weed Vaporizers -Best of the Budget Weed VaporizersThis section contains the best portable weed vaporizers for those of us on a slightly tighter budget. Although the vaporizers listed on this page are less expensive than their mid-range and top-shelf counterparts, they have each been thoroughly tested and they all do a great job vaporizing dry herb.

A few of them do vape concentrates too, but as far as weed is concerned, they all do a great job. There are currently hundreds, if not thousands of “budget” vapes on the market but unfortunately, most of them match the price with poor performance.

Below are the top 5 best budget vaporizers I’ve found among the dozens I’ve tried. This page, as the others on this site will continually be updated as newer vapes are introduced and prior models have price reductions, etc.

Hopefully you find the ideal vape for you at a price that fits your budget below. If not, definitely check back in a few months as things change with ever increasing speed these days.

So, here we go. The top 5 best weed vaporizers on a budget are…

#1 -Pulsar APX


Pulsar APX Vaporizer Review -Best of the Budget -Best Portable Vaporizers on a Budget-Performance:  82/100

-Vapor quality:  82/100

-Pocketability:  98/100

-Discreetness:  96/100

-Usage time per charge:  60-90 minutes 

-Price:  $

-Overall: 84/100


The Pulsar APX was a great surprise to me. I was approached by Pulsar to review it and although I was looking forward to it, I wasn’t expecting much after I saw the price. I’m happy I was so wrong!

The APX features a fully ceramic heating chamber and 5 preset temperatures. The mouthpiece is plastic but is comfortable to puff on and I get no byproduct flavors from it.

For anyone on a budget looking for a quality vaporizer at a decent price, this is a hidden gem IMO. Click here for the full review.

#2 -VaporFi Orbit


VaporFi Orbit Review -Best of the Budget -Best Portable Vaporizers on a Budget-Performance:  80/100

-Vapor quality:  78/100

-Pocketability:  92/100

-Discreetness:  88/100

-Usage time per charge:  60-90 minutes 

-Price:  $

-Overall: 82/100

VaporFi’s Orbit is another great option on a budget. It’s a comfortable vaporizers to use and it vapes through a bowl thoroughly. The flavor is not as pure as some others but it works as intended.

I used the Orbit for quite a while and the thing I enjoyed most was how large the heating chamber is. It can easily hold the better part of a gram. When I wanted a large session or was with some friends it performed quite well.

Although I have since moved on, mine still works great after 3+ years and I still use it every now and again. Click here for the full review.

#3 -The Original DaVinci Vape


Original DaVinci Vaporizer Review -Mid Range -Best of the Mid Range Herbal Vaporizers-Performance:  90/100

-Vapor quality:  90/100

-Pocketability:  85/100

-Discreetness:  75/100

-Usage time per charge:  Up to 120 minutes 

-Price:  $$

-Overall: 80/100


The Original DaVinci Vaporizer was my main go-to vape on the go for several years. One thing is for sure, it’s among the most ruggedly designed and durable vapes I have ever used.

The vapor quality is good but not as good as I’ve now grown accustom in recent years. It features a stainless steel heating chamber and is capable of vaporizing both dry herb and concentrated material including oils.

It’s a little bulkier than some newer models on the market but it it still more portable than the Mighty or the Solo. Although it wouldn’t be my top pick anymore, for those on a budget it’s still a far-cry better than smoking and it actually vapes through the entire bowl without needing to be mixed around mid-session.

Since the release of the DaVinci IQ, the price has been reduced even further and is still a worthy option today. Read the full review here.

#4 -V2 Pro Series 3


V2 Pro Series 3 Review -Best of the Budget -Best Portable Vaporizers on a Budget-Performance:  75/100

-Vapor quality:  78/100

-Pocketability:  98/100

-Discreetness:  98/100

-Usage time per charge:  60-90 minutes 

-Price:  $

-Overall: 78/100


The Pro Series 3 was the first in the Series to be released by V2 Cigs. The Pro Series 3 is a three-in-one vaporizer like the Series 7 but is much smaller in size and is designed like a vape-pen.

Although I have never been a fan of vape-pens as the generally burn my herb, the tiny herb chamber for the V2 Series 3 does a great job of vaping through the bowl. It is very small though and only allows for about 0.1-0.2/gram of herb so it’s really meant for single, small sessions of just a few puffs.

The design is great for discreetness as it looks like a regular electronic cigarette and can be used as one as well with a quick switch of the magnetic atomizer/vaping chamber insert. For light users and those who do vape e-liquid it’s definitely one to take a closer look at. Read the full review here.

#5 -Magic Flight Launch Box


Magic Flight Launch Box Review -Best of the Budget -Best Portable Vaporizers on a Budget-Performance:  78/100

-Vapor quality:  85/100

-Pocketability:  78/100

-Discreetness:  80/100

-Usage time per charge:  8-12 draws per AA Battery

-Price:  $

-Overall: 78/100


The Magic Flight Launch Box or MFLB is unique unto itself. Although it is tiny in size, there are a few pieces to carry with it when on the go. The vapor produced is quite nice but there is a slight learning curve to getting the best results.

The Magic Flight Launch Box is probably the oldest portable vaporizer on the market and it hasn’t changed much in design in all that time. It’s a no-frills vaporizer that works great once you get the hang of it and comes with a lifetime warranty directly from Magic Flight. Click here for the full review.

Final Thoughts

Best Weed Vaporizers on a BudgetThis section, as all others on this site, is a continual work in progress as newer vaporizers are being released on a daily basis.

As mentioned earlier, there are far, far too many new vaporizers being released to include them all on these pages.

As a result, and in an effort to avoid potential confusion, I have only included the very best vaporizers the market had to offer in each category.

This page features the top 5 best weed vaporizers I have found in the budget range of around or below 100 US dollars. If you would like to make a suggestion for an addition to this page, feel free to use the comment section below!

If you haven’t found the ideal vaporizer for your needs and budget on these pages, check back in a month or two, as things change these days pretty quickly!

Once again, thanks for stopping by and vape on!










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