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Best Portable Weed (Dry Herb) Vaporizers for 2017 Tested and Reviewed -The DaVinci Pocket Vape (The Original) -Full Review

Best Portable Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed -The DaVinci Pocket Vape

Best Portable Weed (Marijuana) Vaporizers for 2017 Tested and Reviewed -The DaVinci Pocket Vape (The Original) -Full Review

The Original DaVinci Vape is another great portable vaporizer that is still a solid choice in 2017 more than 6 years after being introduced. For a long time the original DaVinci was my favorite portable vaporizer and although I now prefer the new Ascent, the Original is still fantastic and produces clouds of pure, sweet tasting vapor.

Let’s take a quick overview anyway before we get into the full review, shall we?



  • Lightweight, small, pocket sized
  • Reliable vapor production every time
  • Great tasting, pure, potent vapor
  • Easy to use, load, clean and maintain
  • Ultra durable and well made
  • Shock resistant
  • Fully digital screen allows for any temperature setting
  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Good battery life (90 minutes)
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used with flowers, oils or concentrates
  • Has come down dramatically in price since the Ascent was released


  • Bulkier than some newer models
  • Less battery time than Ascent or Solo
  • Can burn material towards end of bowl at higher temperatures

The Review


Best Portable Weed (Cannabis) Vaporizers for 2017 Tested and Reviewed -The DaVinci Pocket Vape (The Original) -Full ReviewI could have written this review nearly four years ago when I first bought my DaVinci Pocket Vape.

I was so impressed with it then and I have remained as impressed with it ever since.

Right from the start, it’s easy to see that the original DaVinci Vape is a high quality, high performing, rugged little vaporizer that fits right in the palm of your hand and works like a charm every single time.

One of the things that most impressed me about the DaVinci Vape is it’s ease of use and low maintenance. I use mine mostly for dried bud but it works just as well with oils and hashes or waxier blends (concentrates).

I just flip open the chamber (as shown below), add a pinch of your favorite strain, and within a minute it’s up to your desired temperature and ready to go. The LED light changes from red to green when the set temperature is achieved. I find I usually set mine around 375 degrees to start with and slowly work my way up to around 385-390.

Best Portable Weed (Pot) Vaporizers for 2017 -The DaVinci Pocket Vape (The Original) -Full Review

Of all the portable vaporizers I have tried, this is one of the best, most reliable and one of the most durable.

I have dropped mine countless times without effect. It still works every time I turn it on.

It features a pretty good battery life, one charge lasts for a good hour and a half of continuous use. I usually need to charge mine every day or so.

I’m a moderate user, so I usually use mine every couple of hours throughout the day and quite a bit more in the evenings.

On the heaviest of days it will still last me at least the full work day.

As mentioned earlier, it performs equally well with hashes, oils and blends and comes with two slightly different oil cans (shown below).

One contains a cotton swab to absorb your oil mixture, the other is empty and used for your more solid concentrates.

Best Portable Weed (Medical Cannabis) Vaporizers for 2017 Tested and Reviewed -The DaVinci Pocket Vape (The Original) -Full ReviewI’ve only used the cotton swab one once but was amazed at how well it vaped up my friends honey oil.

The other can works great on your chunkier hash, I use that one quite a bit late at night and two or three hits are all I need to be sound asleep in minutes.

I have been using my DaVinci Vape for almost three years now and I hardly smoke anymore at all.

Even with my Volcano, I would often just roll or bong-toke out of laziness or just the inconvenience of taking it out and getting it set-up, but not so with this one.

It is an absolute pleasure to use and with the dried flowers, I am usually sufficiently satisfied (relieved) within 4 or 5 good draws. In the amount of time it takes to roll a joint, I’m done.

Best Portable Weed (Herb) Vaporizers for 2017 -The DaVinci Pocket Vape (The Original) -Full ReviewI would recommend this particular vaporizer to anyone who wants a good, discreet vape on the go, but particularly those that may live a more outdoorsy or on-the-go lifestyle where it may get jostled or dropped a lot.

Of all the vaporizers listed this one is by far the most durable and robust other than maybe the Mighty or Crafty but those about 3-4 times the price.

DaVinci is well known for their attention to detail and they include everything you need in the box right away (including a full charge).

You get the screens, the cleaning brush and even a charger for your car. It also comes with the instruction manual which is hardly needed because it’s so simple an intuitive to use.

The only thing I don’t like about the original DaVinci is that you have to make sure to remember to turn it on when you charge it. It’s a small thing I know but to me, it was the only flaw.

I have been frustrated a couple of times upon coming back a few hours after plugging it in to see I had forgotten to turn the darn thing on. On the plus side of that, at least you can use it while it’s charging. Other than that, really not a bad word can be said about it.

In recent years with technological advances, there are other vapes that may be slightly better now like the Ascent or the Solo but for anyone on a tighter budget, the original DaVinci really won’t disappoint. It was the first really good portable vaporizer around and it’s still great today.

Best Portable Weed & Concentrate Vaporizers for 2017 Tested and Reviewed -The DaVinci Pocket Vape (The Original) -Full Review

The Verdict


Best Portable Weed (Dry Herb) Vaporizers for 2017 -The DaVinci Pocket Vape (The Original) -Full ReviewAs I mentioned earlier, for a long time the original DaVinci vape was my go to portable vaporizer and I absolutely swore by it. I can’t tell you how many hours and months of relief that thing provided me.

I will always be fond of the Original, but my recommendation for most, unless budget is a primary concern, would be to get their newer and far better performing Ascent or even the IQ.

If you work in construction or a similar trade though where it might get jostled around and dropped quite a bit, get this one. The DaVinci Vape is one of the most durable of all the portable vapes on the market.

Check out the video below for a closer look at some of the features as it’s unpacked for the first time, or use the links below to check it out directly.

Whatever you choose, if you’re anything like me, this is one vaporizer that will leave you smiling and satisfied for a long, long time.

Don’t let the rank fool you, even though it is positioned mid way through the list, it is still one of the best portable vaporizers available.



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