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Finding, Testing and Reviewing The Best Portable Vaporizers for Concentrated Material (Hash, Wax, Shatter, etc.) for 2017!When I first began reviewing vaporizers, there really weren’t all that many on the market at the time. Although I’m quite happy about all the new models and technology being introduced, I’m almost having a hard time keeping up!

This section wasn’t initially part of my plan to include as I have always been more focused on dry herb vaporizers. I would use them for my concentrates too but I would usually have to surround my hash or wax with herb so it would vaporize cleanly.

Although that does work, it certainly doesn’t work as well as a vaporizer specifically designed to work on concentrates. Many of the first generation concentrate “vape pens” were not even worth discussing or writing about it my opinion because they would almost always immediately just burn my medicine.

I’m quite happy to see the progress they’ve made in general and there are a few really good vaporizers out now that do an excellent job with denser material (hash, wax, shatter, etc.).

I will be working on this section for the next little while so if you are not seeing many vapes listed, please check back in a few weeks as I will be adding more as I receive them.

As usual however, I will only be adding reviews for the ones I consider worthwhile. Once again, I will be focusing strictly on finding the best vapes currently available and only reviewing the ones I enjoy using and would use on a daily basis.

Portable Concentrate Vaporizer Reviews- Finding, Testing and Reviewing The Best Vaporizers for Concentrated Material (Hash, Wax, Shatter, etc.) for 2017

Enjoy and vape on!


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