The Cyclone by Rokin Vapes

Best Concentrated Cannabis Vaporizer: The Cyclone by Rokin Vapes -Full Review

For those of us who are into concentrated cannabis like waxes, hashes and shatter, The Cyclone Vape Pen is a connoisseurs dream.

The Cyclone is quite uniquely designed with some pretty awesome patent pending cooling technology. The cooling technology allows for smooth, cool hits without the need for a bubbler.

The kit offers two different atomizer types which both work very well. Use either the dual quartz rod, or the ceramic plate atomizer along with the added cooling chamber and taste the full flavor of your favorite medicine.

Let’s take a brief overview before we get into the review itself, shall we?



  • Attractive design
  • All metal consruction
  • Ultra-pocketable and discreet
  • Fully ceramic mouthpiece, very comfortable to draw from
  • Includes 1 dual-quartz rod with titanium coils atomizer
  • Includes 1 ceramic plate atomizer
  • Deep chambers allow for large hits
  • Both atomizers come with a waterless cooling technology chamber
  • 4 temperature settings
  • 720 mAh / 10 Amp battery
  • 10 second auto shutoff feature
  • 14 second active mode for continuous vaping
  • 12 month warranty on battery


  • Haven’t found any yet

The Review

Best Vape Pen For Concentrated Cannabis: The Cyclone by Rokin Vapes The Cyclone by Rokin Vapes is one of the best concentrate vape pens I have ever had the pleasure of using.

It’s like having two pens in one with a micro-bubbler attached that easily slides into any pocket or purse.

I was a little skeptical when I first read about the cooling chambers, but I did see from the diagram (shown below) on their website that they were definitely onto something.

Best Vape Pen For Concentrated Cannabis: The Cyclone by Rokin VapesThe way the cooling chambers are designed actually create a vortex of vapor by creating an indirect pathway to the mouthpiece and increasing the distance it travels at the same time.

The vapor is then forced into a spin as it is inhaled, cooling it while allowing for the full flavor and aroma to come through.

I received my Cyclone about a month ago now and I was able to really put it through it’s paces over the holidays.

I had a few close friends over who all all cannabis connoisseurs and love to vape. We had a bit of shatter and some nice hash to try it out with.

The Cyclone performed equally well with both, and we were amazed at how smooth and cool the vapor was with both atomizers.

The Cyclone by Rokin Vapes -Full ReviewFor thicker material like hash, I find the quartz coils perform the best (shown on right). For the shatter, I preferred the ceramic plate (shown below).

The hash is solid enough to stay up on the coils throughout the draw, or even two, and the coils do a great job heating it thoroughly.

Quartz is great at retaining heat, and the heat is evenly distributed over the length of the rods. Even the thickest hash is melting into vapor within about 1 second of hitting the firing button. 

With thinner material like shatter, if you don’t finish the dab pretty quickly, it can drop below the coils as it melts, so I find the ceramic micro-oven is best.

Best Vape Pen For Concentrated Cannabis: The Cyclone by Rokin VapesThe ceramic chamber keeps it contained until the material is completely finished. It’s remarkably deep, so it can accommodate pretty large hits.

Ceramic is also great at retaining and distributing even heat throughout the bowl and will thoroughly vaporizer the entire dab in a few seconds.

The airflow is more than adequate with a nice resistance to it as you draw. The air intake hits the material perfectly and provides thick, tasty clouds of vapor with both atomizers.

The overall design of the Cyclone is sleek from the 720 mAh battery to the well shaped ceramic mouthpiece. The Cyclone is one of the most comfortable pens to draw from that I have ever used.

The Cyclone by Rokin Vapes -Tested and ReviewedNot only is the mouthpiece shape quite ergonomic, but because it’s ceramic, it stays cool and allows the full flavor to come through perfectly.

There are some unique features on the Cyclone as well. You can choose from 4 preset temperatures (Voltages), from 3.2 to 4.2 Volts with 2 steps in between.

There’s a 10 second auto cut-off feature and the ability to change to “active mode” for continuous vaping up to 14 seconds.

The battery, as mentioned, has a holding capacity of 720 mAh which lasts quite a long time. It’s rated at 10 Amps and comes with a full 12 month warranty.

Aesthetically, it’s quite nice to look at as well, and I like how the “R” firing button lights up a different color for each temperature setting. It really is a pleasure to use and hold in your hand.

Best Vape Pen For Concentrated Cannabis: The Cyclone by Rokin Vapes -Full Review

I chose the mat black which is a surprisingly durable finish and hasn’t chipped yet. They also offer a gun metal version. Personally, I like the mat black because it doesn’t pick up any fingerprints and always looks clean.

The box includes everything you’re going to need. On top of the battery and two atomizers (one of each), they also include two extra ceramic mouthpieces, the charger and even a nice material container for your medicine. There’s also a pretty handy dabbing tool in the box as well.

Overall it’s a fantastic concentrate vape kit, and definitely one of the best vape pens I have ever used. If you are someone into dabbing, or concentrates in general, it’s definitely one to take a closer look.

Best Vape Pen For Concentrated Cannabis: The Cyclone by Rokin Vapes -Complete Review

The Verdict

As far as I’m concerned, Rokin Vapes has a winner with this one. The Cyclone is by far the best concentrate vape pen I have had the pleasure of testing.

The Cyclone gives you two pens in one, dual-quartz and ceramic plate, along with the added bonus of waterless cooling.

The cooling chambers work exceedingly well and do a great job cooling the vapor. They really allow the full flavor to come through with a coolness and added sweetness not found in other vape pens.

The ceramic mouthpieces stay cool during extended use and are quite comfortable to puff on. When you consider the dual atomizers, the battery size of 720 mAh, the cooling chambers, and the full 12 month warranty, there is no question it’s worth every penny.

If you are someone who enjoys concentrated medicine and wants the option of going back and forth between denser waxes, hashes and shatter, it’s unquestionably the vape pen I’d most recommend. Take a closer look for yourself direct at Rokin Vapes using the link below!

Best Vape Pen For Concentrated Cannabis: The Cyclone by Rokin Vapes -Where to Buy








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