AirVape XS Review

AirVape XS Portable Weed Vaporizer Review

Best Portable Weed Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed -The AirVape XS

The AirVape XS is the newest incarnation of the AirVape Series made by Apollo. The AirVape is one of the sleekest portable vaporizers on the market right now at just under a half inch thick!

Ultra-pocketable and discreet, the AirVape XS features a fully ceramic heating chamber, digital LED display and is fully adjustable in one degree increments. The vapor quality and flavor are both fantastic as is the ease of use.

Let’s take a quick overview before we get into the review itself once again, shall we?



  • Ultra-compact, pocketable, light-weight
  • Large digital display shows current temperature, battery life
  • Fully ceramic heating chamber
  • Glass vapor path
  • Completely adjustable temperature settings by one degree increments
  • Ample airflow
  • Sweet, pure tasting vapor
  • Excellent vapor production
  • Vaporizes dry herb and concentrated material
  • Relatively small heating chamber (0.1-0.2/gram) good for single sessions
  • Programmable auto shut-off timer
  • Vibrates when set temp is reached and when shutting down
  • 1300 mAh battery
  • Charges with micro USB connection
  • Can be used while charging
  • Charges fully in one hour


  • Relatively short battery life 40-45 minutes use per charge

The Review

AirVape XS Portable Weed Vaporizer Review I’ve been using this new AirVapeXS for a couple of weeks now and I am quite impressed with it. It’s one of the thinnest vapes I’ve tested thus far and produces vapor quality on par with any of the top-shelf vaporizers on the market right now.

The AirVapeXS is nicely designed and is quite a pleasure to use. It features a fully ceramic heating chamber, an attractive digital display and completely adjustable temperature control using simple up and down buttons.

The air flow is more than ample and allows for nice big clouds of relatively cool and very pure tasting vapor.

The slogan on the box is: “Fast. Elegant. Thin. Mighty.” I would have to say, with my usage so far over these past couple of weeks, I would agree.

I have a few vaporizers still sitting here waiting to be reviewed but I was excited to open and get into testing this one after reading a few favorable mini reviews on Reddit a few weeks ago.

AirVape XS Portable Weed Vaporizer Review The original Apollo AirVape featured a stainless steel heating chamber which I wasn’t overly enthused about but when I saw that the new XS features ceramic and glass, I decided to move it up in the queue and start testing it right away!

The AirVape XS is just 4 inches tall, less than 2 inches wide and under a half inch thick.

Like the original, the oven is located on the top of the unit, right under the mouthpiece and is a very nice size for single sessions accommodating between 0.1 – 0.2 of a gram of ground herb.

Once I opened and got it cleaned up, I packed in a full chamber which only took slightly over 0.1 of a gram. Since it is a conduction vaporizer, it’s important to pack the herb in pretty tightly to maintain contact on all sides with the ceramic throughout the session. I found that a rather fine grind works best in the device.

AirVape XS Portable Weed Vaporizer Review

To keep everything snug during use, I decided to use the included screen over top of the herb and I find it works really well that way (seen below).

The added screen on top of the herb really helps keep small particulate from impeding airflow on the mouthpiece itself which is nice and it also helps reduce the need for cleaning as often.

I started off at my usual 365 and within 30 seconds I was getting some really nice flavor with very little visible vapor.

I enjoyed that for the first 3 minutes and once it shut itself off, I restarted it and raised it up to 375. At 375 I got great results in terms of both flavor and vapor and I kept it there for a couple of really good 3 minute sessions.

The vapor quality and purity were fantastic from the first use. I did change the auto shut-off timer to 5 minutes after the first day and I find 5 minute sessions to be perfect for this device.

On a single bowl I can usually get 2-3 good five minute sessions. Just based on oven size it’s a great vaporizer for single use and it’s great for conserving weed if you’re on a budget.

AirVape XS Portable Weed Vaporizer Review The first time it vibrated once the temperature was reached, I instinctively looked for my phone as it reminds me of my old Nokia cell phone that I had for years.

It’s a nice feature and is loud enough to hear even if you aren’t holding the device. It vibrates the same way just prior to shut-off which helps if you aren’t paying attention.

It’s a solid, well designed and easy to use vaporizer. It’s wrapped in steel and it quite rugged but isn’t heavy at all. Although the size is reminiscent of the old Nokia style cell phones, it’s only about a quarter the weight and half as thick.

AirVape XS Portable Weed Vaporizer Review The glass mouthpiece is a very nice, easy shape to puff on and it remains quite cool during use. They do include a cooling sheath for it in the box but I actually found it more comfortable without it. It’s a comfortable, rounded rectangular shape which is rather unique but quite effective.

The only real downside for me with this vaporizer is the relatively short battery life. I am getting about 40 minutes of use per charge, or roughly eight 5 minute sessions.

The one plus is that it charges from empty to full in about an hour and it uses a regular micro USB connection. If need be, it can also be used while charging as long as there is at least 10% power remaining.

AirVape XS Portable Weed Vaporizer Review My main focus with The AirVape XS, as with most vaporizers I use, has been with dried bud (flowers) and it works very well with all my strains.

I must say though, I have tried it a few times with some shatter and it does a great job with that too. You can vape concentrates like hash, wax, shatter, etc. using the available inserts (shown on right).

Regardless of what you’re vaping, it’s an easy vaporizer to load, vape, clean and reload in just a few minutes on the go and it tucks away when finished in any pocket, bag etc. It’s even comfortable in an upper-shirt pocket.

With the included leather carrying case it is a very convenient vaporizer to have on short 3-4 hour trips away from the house or office.

For lighter users or those who have access to a plug during the day, it’s a great choice. If you can get by with 8 five minute sessions in a day or charge it midway through, this is a great option to consider.

AirVape XS Portable Weed Vaporizer Review

The Verdict

AirVape XS Portable Weed Vaporizer Review The AirVape XS is a uniquely designed, ultra-pocketable, all around great little weed vaporizer!

The ceramic heating chamber and glass vapor path allow for the full flavor of my favorite strains to come through untarnished by any byproduct metallic or plastic taste from the device itself.

The heat-up time is fantastic, heating to temperature within 30 seconds. The size of the oven is great for single five minute session that leave me more than satisfied for up to an hour.

The battery time is a little low compared to some of my other vaporizers but considering both the size of the device, the oven and the ease of use, it’s a worthwhile trade-off in my opinion.

For extended time away from a power source it wouldn’t be my top choice but I would definitely consider bringing it with me anyway as a very convenient back-up.

In terms of the vapor production, flavor and quality alone, I would easily rank it in the top 5. As far as ease of use is concerned, it’s one of the best.

For any true cannabis connoisseurs that aren’t necessarily looking to spend on a top shelf vape, this is a very worthy option that will satisfy even the most seasoned users. No question about it, the new AirVape XS is a pleasure to use and definitely one I wholeheartedly recommend trying for yourself.

AirVape XS Portable Weed Vaporizer Review

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