Prohibited in the 5th Degree Vaporizer Review

Best Portable Weed Vaporizers: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The 5th Degree Vaporizer by PROHIBITED -Full ReviewThe 5th Degree by Prohibited 2 in 1 Portable Vaporizer Review

The Prohibited in the 5th Degree is a dual use vaporizer, capable of vaporizing both dry herbs as well as concentrates using two uniquely designed cartridge heads.

I’m not usually a huge fan of multi-use devices (vaporizers or otherwise) as I find there are generally sacrifices in terms of performance with certain functions for the sake of convenience.

I was pleasantly surprised with the 5th Degree vaporizer though. It does a fantastic job vaporizing all my strains of herb, and performs equally well with my shatter, hash and wax. The vapor and flavor produced with both is surprisingly potent, smooth and pure.

Let’s take a brief overview before we get too far into the review itself, shall we?



  • Attractive, convenient, pocketable design
  • Vaporize botanicals and concentrates with same device
  • Variable temperature and voltage settings
  • Stainless steel heating chamber for dry herb
  • Dual quartz rods wrapped in titanium coils for concentrates
  • 60-90 minutes of use per charge
  • Thoroughly vaporizes dry herbs, no wasted material
  • Pure and potent vapor with the dual quartz concentrate cartridge
  • Very easy to use, load, clean and maintain
  • Comfortable, ergonomic mouthpiece is a pleasure to puff on
  • Ultra discreet, looks like many electronic cigarettes / e-liquid vapes
  • Convenient magnetic connections for cartridges and charging


  • Only 3 preselected temperature settings

The Review

Best Portable Cannabis Vaporizers: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Prohibited in the 5th Degree Vaporizer ReviewI’ve been using the 5th Degree vaporizer for a couple of weeks now and enjoying it quite a bit!

It’s a very well designed, attractive, ultra-pocketable and highly functional vaporizer that does a great job with all my strains of weed and all my hash, wax, shatter, etc.

The Prohibited in the 5th Degree vaporizer utilizes two distinct and uniquely designed cartridge heads. They are both surprisingly good. One is for dry herb while the other is strictly for concentrates.

The dry herb portion consists of a stainless steel heating chamber, which easily holds about a .2-.3 of ground bud. The concentrate cartridge is made up of two quartz rods, wrapped in titanium coils (shown below).

Both cartridges attach via magnetic connection and are easily switched back and forth in seconds with no screwing needed.

The 5th Degree vaporizer offers three preset temperature/voltage settings depending on the function you are using. The technology is quite advanced and will detect instantly which cartridge is currently installed.

Best Portable Cannabis Vaporizers: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Prohibited in the 5th Degree Vaporizer ReviewSimply press the firing button three times to activate the device, and then twice to cycle between 390, 415 or 440 degrees Fahrenheit for weed, or between 3.7, 4.2 or 4.7 volts for concentrates.

The front LED indicator lights visually display the current selection. One light for low, two for medium and all three lit up indicates the highest setting.

Personally I find 440 degrees a little high for most of my strains, but I get great vapor and flavor at the two lowest settings.

Even at 440 I’ve never had any combustion even with my driest bud, but I find it a little harsh with most of my herb compared to the low and medium settings which are perfect. If the buds are especially dense or humid though, the highest setting does come in handy to extract every bit of vapor possible from my herb. 

For most of my strains, I generally start at the lowest setting, have a short 5 minute session and then come back in an hour or so, raise it up to medium, and I’ll get one, or sometimes even two more 5 minute sessions on the same bowl.

I am quite impressed with the efficiency it vaporizes through my material. I never need to stir the chamber in between sessions and it vapes through the bowl entirely every time. The flavor is quite smooth and pure too.

In terms of purity of vapor, it’s quite a bit better than I initially expected, and definitely a pleasure to use. The flavor comes through remarkable well, and the vapor production is pretty impressive considering the oven size.

Best Portable Cannabis Vaporizers: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Prohibited in the 5th Degree Vaporizer ReviewWith concentrated material, I find I usually get the best results on the highest setting of 4.7 volts.

For concentrates, once you’ve selected your desired voltage, you simply hold the firing button down to heat up the coil, and keep it held down for as long as you are inhaling, similar to most vape pens.

I find the quartz and titanium work really well together to retain even heat throughout the draw and keep the flavor pure and the vapor potent.

I have been very pleased with the results so far with everything I’ve vaped on it from heavy Jamaican hash to some fresh home-made shatter. There is nothing impeding the natural flavor of my medicine from coming through.

The quarts and titanium are a great combination for both heat retention and purity of vapor. Every time I use it I am always impressed with the purity and potency of the vapor produced.

Best Portable Cannabis Vaporizers: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Prohibited in the 5th Degree Vaporizer ReviewI really like the magnetic connections for both the cartridges and the charging cable. The magnets are surprisingly strong and I’ve never had a cartridge fall out in my bag or pocket.

I also like the colored LED at the bottom of the unit which blinks red as the oven is heating up, and glows solid green once the desired temperature is reached.

It also indicates when the battery life is less that 10%. When the battery needs to be charged, the bottom LED will blink twice red.

The bottom LED also comes in handy during charging, and will stay red while taking a charge, and turn solid green when the charge is complete.

When the device first arrived and I saw the plastic mouthpiece, I was a little concerned, but after a few dry burns to remove any manufacturing residue, I’ve had no plastic flavor at all.

It’s a pretty heavy-duty and stays cool during use and is quite comfortable to puff on. Each cartridge comes with it’s own mouthpiece. They open to reveal the heating chamber with a quarter turn and reattach the same way.

Overall, it’s a great little vaporizer that’s quite convenient, especially if you like switching between flower and concentrates during the day. Even for those who use mainly concentrates but occasionally like to vape some herb, I’d still say it’s a great choice.

If however, you are someone who only vapes dry herb, you may prefer something like the Utillian 721, or even the DaVinci IQ depending on your budget. If you are on a restrictive budget, check out the Pulsar APX too.

The 5th Degree vaporizer by Prohibited is truly ideal for anyone on the go a lot, who likes switching between medicine types frequently during the day with discretion and ease.

They include everything you’re going to need in the box, from the cartridges to cleaning tools and even some extra screens as shown in the image below. You can take a closer look for yourself here

Check out the Prohibited in the 5th Degree direct from Prohibited Vaporizers!

The Verdict

Best Portable Cannabis Vaporizers: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Prohibited in the 5th Degree Vaporizer ReviewI really enjoyed using the 5th Degree Vaporizer by Prohibited. I am primarily a dry herb guy, so that’s usually my primary focus when I’m testing a new vaporizer, although lately I’ve been getting more and more into hash and shatter too. Especially with some of the new devices being introduced.

For dry herb, the stainless steel heating chamber is a great size for single sessions or small sessions between two people.

I generally prefer ceramic in conduction vaporizers, but the stainless steel is quite good too and doesn’t leach any by-product flavor into the vapor.

The one nice thing about stainless steel over ceramic is the shortened heat-up time. The 5th degree will reach the hottest temperature from cold in under 30 seconds.

With every strain I used, it vaporized all the material without needing to be stirred. As a conduction vaporizer, it does however need to be relatively tightly packed for optimal results.

With the concentrate cartridge, it performed as well as any concentrate specific device I have tested thus far. The purity of the vapor is remarkable. The quartz and titanium work very well and had me smiling within minutes every time I used it.

From what I understand, Prohibited will be releasing dabbing and e-rig attachments for the 5th Degree vaporizer sometime next year which both seem quite interesting too, but I haven’t had a chance to test them yet.

I’ll be adding that here once I’m able, so check back here in a few months time for more. The image below is all I’ve seen so far.

Best Portable Cannabis Vaporizers: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Prohibited in the 5th Degree Vaporizer Review


Prohibited has now released the promised dabber attachment for the 5th Degree Vaporizer and it is everything we hoped it would be and more!

Prohibited in the 5th Degree Cannabis Vaporizer Review: The Dabber Attachment

The dabber cartridge uses a single quartz rod with a titanium coil which is perfect for small dabs on the go. The coil will heat up as high as 662 degrees Fahrenheit.

The dabber attachment features a removable glass straw which cools the vapor, and does a great job keeping it pure and smooth.

The dabber tool attaches to the device the same way as the other cartridges via magnetic connection, and features the same comfortable mouthpiece.

Prohibited in the 5th Degree Cannabis Vaporizer Review: The Dabber Attachment

The atomizer rod and coil section is also held in magnetically and is removable to allow for cleaning of the glass vapor path. The glass straw is also removable for times when more thorough cleaning is needed. I find just soaking it in alcohol works best.

The dabber works very well with all my medicine and allows for dabs without needing any dabbing tools. Simply activate the coil with the firing button and touch it directly to your concentrate.

Prohibited in the 5th Degree Cannabis Vaporizer Review: The Dabber Attachment

As it begins to melt, simply pick up your dab with the tool and start inhaling. It’s definitely one of the most convenient and easy to use dabbing devices I’ve seen so far.

I’ve used it with everything I had on hand from some pretty thick hash to some very glassy shatter and it performed equally well with everything I vaped on it.

Prohibited even includes a magnetic bottom piece to hold everything together in a pocket or purse, which also contains a small silicone concentrate container to hold some medicine. Everything you’ll need to do dabs when your on the go in the palm of your hand.

Prohibited in the 5th Degree Cannabis Vaporizer Review: The Dabber Attachment

The dabber attachment really increases the value of the 5th Degree vaporizer in my opinion, and makes the device much more attractive overall.

The versatility of the 5th degree is unparalleled in any other device that I’m aware of and there is still an e-rig attachment yet to be released!

For those who love concentrated medicine and are looking for a quick, easy and mess free way to dab on the go, it’s definitely an add-on I would recommend. You can check out the dabber attachment here.

Prohibited in the 5th Degree Cannabis Vaporizer Review: The Dabber Attachment

All in all, I have no problem recommending this vaporizer to any enthusiast, veteran vaper or beginner. The convenience, combined with the versatility, vapor quality, design, performance, pocketability and lifetime warranty make it another very solid choice.

Check it out for yourself using the link below!

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