The Arizer Air

Best Portable Herb Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed! The Arizer Air Review!

Best Portable Herb Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed -The Arizer Air

The new Air is one of the newest arrivals on the portable vaporizer scene, brought to you by the same people who came out with the Extreme Q desktop vaporizer as well as the Solo portable vape.

The all new Arizer Air is already making waves and I must say, thus far I am impressed with it’s performance! Is it the best portable vape for 2017? It’s certainly is a contender. Let’s take an overview before we get into the full review shall we?



  • Small, lightweight, pocket sized
  • Easy to clean
  • Fully glass vapor path
  • Produces clean, pure vapor
  • Heats up in 2 minutes or less
  • 5 preset temperatures, color coded
  • Works reliably, produces great tasting vapor every time
  • Comes with 3 stems, including 2 for on-the-go applications
  • Offers the ability to change out battery
  • Very discreet, looks similar to an electronic cigarette
  • Can be used while charging
  • Kit comes with extras including cleaning tool and carrying case
  • 60 minutes of use per full charge


  • 60 minutes of battery life is not enough for some vapers
  • Carrying extra batteries can be annoying for some

The Review


Best Portable Herb Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed! The Arizer Air Review!

As you can see from the overview, like most of the vales listed on this site, there isn’t much negative I can say about the new Arizer Air.

My review comes earlier than most with the Air as I only just received it here a few days ago and have pretty much been using it for as long as the battery will let me, plugging it in and then doing it all over again.

It is a fantastic little pocket vaporizer that produces vapor easily on par with any of the best vaporizers on the market, and yes, I’ll say it again, the vapor quality is even on par with The Ascent.

I have thoroughly enjoyed using it thus far, my only complaint being not able to use it as much as I would like to because I only get about 6 sessions on a charge. You can use the Air while charging, and I have done just that, but the cord is too short to comfortably reach where I sit, so I don’t do that too often although it is a handy feature.

The new Air is a great vaporizer very similar in function and performance to Arizer’s last portable vape: The Solo. For those who are familiar with The Solo, the new Air is very much as solid in vapor production, quality and purity and in many ways is just a smaller, more portable version of it’s predecessor.

Best Portable Herb Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed! The Arizer Air Review!Like the Solo, the Air feature a complete glass vapor path which allows for the natural aroma of your herb to come through. It comes through in spades and had me smiling only minutes after it arrived.

It is as easy to use as the Solo, and it features 5 preset temperatures which are color coded. Blue which is the coolest, is 356 degrees and red, the hottest, is 410 degrees fahrenheit.

It’s pretty quick to heat up as well. Getting to blue, or the coolest vaping temperature takes 1 minute and the hottest takes 2 minutes.

I have been using it primarily at the hottest temperature, but I get my herb chamber in the oven (usually with about a .2-.3 of a gram of herb) and start testing the vapor after about a minute and a half.

I usually start getting pretty good vapor by the time the light indicates that the over has reached the set temperature.

Arizer did think of everything with this one, and they include a cleaning tool, a carrying case, a protective skin for the unit itself and they equipped it with an interchangeable 18650 battery.

The battery can be easily swapped out simply by unscrewing the bottom. Each one may only last 60 minutes of use per charge but with the ability to buy extras, that can be easily extended for longer times away.

It’s a great little pocket vape that will satisfy more than most and provide hours and hours of pure great tasting, highly potent vapor.

Check it out! For those inclined, take a look at my video review where I go through what you get in the box etc. The Arizer Air is easily one of the best new portable vaporizers and certainly another top choice for on-the-go vaping in 2017. Enjoy!

Here is the photo I mentioned in the video, it’s the before and after shot of the herb used.

Marijuana before and after vaporization using The Arizer Air during review

The Verdict


Best Portable Herb Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed! The Arizer Air Review!It’s still early with the new Air to really give a clear verdict as I really like to use each vaporizer for several weeks before I render a complete decision. It usually takes that long to really get a good feel for what the kinks are if there are any.

For now what I can say is if you are someone who liked the Solo and would like something similar but more portable, this may be for you. Also for people who are happy with six good sessions in a day away from home, the Air will provide excellent tasting, pure vapor silently and discreetly. With the ability to change out the batteries on the go, it also has the ability to offer more for those inclined to carry extras.

Thus far I have thoroughly enjoyed using it and as far as right now, I can say those who do order it right away won’t be disappointed. It is a great little pocket vape.

Stay tuned!Best Portable Herb Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed! The Arizer Air Review!



I’ve been using the new Air now for about 6 months off and on between my Ascent and sometimes my other vapes too, depending on my mood, or what I’m doing at the time. I’ve lent it out to a few friends as well, and we all agree: based on vapor quality alone it is awesome and produces some very sweet, pure, clean tasting vapor.

As mentioned earlier, our only complaint was the length of usage time between charges. If it offered 2 hours of use per charge I would rank it tied to the Ascent, but based on the 1 hour I still rank it a very close second.

One thing about it I do prefer to the Ascent though is the fact that to the average observer, it looks like an electronic cigarette and in that sense it is a bit more stealthy or discrete.

The other thing we all preferred with the Air over the Ascent was the ease in cleaning the glass chamber. I must admit, the cleaning process is a little easier with the Air, and that certainly is a huge plus.

Overall it’s a great vape, works like a charm every time I use it and it’s good enough to please even the most experienced vapers. If you liked the Solo but are looking for something a little more pocketable, you won’t be disappointed.

Taking everything into account, My final score is 88/100. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “The Arizer Air

  1. I whil recomend not to use fine stuff screens.
    I had problems overheat and not working. Whell.
    Now he hits like a train.♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥the air

  2. I recommend you review the Herbalaire 2.0. I went to buy a volcano for 600 bucks and the shopkeeper took me aside and said check this out. We packed the volcano and made balloons until no more vapour was produced. He then emptied the dried herb from the volcano and put it in the Herbalaire. The Herbalaire still could produce excellent vapour from the volcano debris. At half the cost I was sold.

    • Hey Greg,
      Thanks for the comment and congrats on your purchase! I have also used the Herbalaire 2.0, and although I find it pretty good, I certainly wouldn’t say it topples the Volcano! I have included Arizer’s Extreme Q as an option at half the price because I use it all the time and I actually find it far superior to the Herbalaire both as a direct draw vape and using the bag system. Might be worth putting a review up anyhow to reflect that at some point. I appreciate the input!

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