The Ascent by DaVinci

DaVinci Ascent Review: Is The Ascent by DaVinci Still The Best Portable Weed Vaporizer for 2017? Read the Full Review!

Best Portable Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed -The Ascent by DaVinci

DaVinci’s Ascent was my favorite portable marijuana vaporizer for several years. In fact, I had ranked it solidly in the first position for as long as I had been reviewing them as it was without a doubt the best portable vaporizer I had ever used.

Although it is was unshakably my choice for best portable vape for several years, DaVinci Vaporizers have released a new vaporizer which has since taken the top spot. Even though the DaVinci IQ is now my overall top choice, the Ascent is still one of the best portable vaporizers available on the market today.

Let’s take a brief overview before we get into the full review itself, shall we?



  • Quality attractive design (fully customizable)
  • Solid, precise build using tight fitting high quality components
  • Fully glass vapor path (from heating chamber to mouthpiece)
  • Longest lasting battery of any portable vape, up to 3 hours per charge
  • Very easy to use
  • Allows for customizable sessions
  • Bottom grill allows for great airflow throughout the heating chamber
  • Small, compact and discreet, fits in any pocket or purse
  • Excellent vapor production
  • Smooth, cool, pure tasting vapor
  • Easy to read digital screen shows current and set temperatures as well as remaining battery life
  • Completely ceramic chamber retains heat and improves overall vapor quality
  • Most accurate and consistent heating chamber currently on the market (portable)


  • Cleaning glass insert can be a challenge for some
  • Glass vapor path quite fragile when taken out of unit (comes with a spare)

The Review


As you can see quite clearly from the overview, there isn’t much to complain about with the DaVinci Ascent. I’ve been using mine for a few of years now and I couldn’t be happier with it. Even after several years and all the other vapes I have tried these past years, the Ascent remains one of my all time favorites.

The Ascent is one of the most advanced portable vaporizers on the market and allows more user control that any other vape around. From heat settings to automatic shut-off time, the Ascent will even allow you to create a program that will raise the temperature slightly at preset intervals during a session allowing you to really get the most out of your herb.

It is quiet, reliable and produces the most excellent tasting vapor. It works equally well with dried marijuana bud as well as oils and hashes. The purity of the flavor and the high produced surprisingly rivals that of the Volcano. It is absolutely fantastic!

DaVinci Ascent Weed Vaporizer Review: Is The Ascent by DaVinci Still The Best Portable Weed Vaporizer for 2017? Read the Full Review!

The first thing you’ll notice when you open it up, other than the beautiful design of the unit, is the solidity of the construction. The heaviness gives you that feeling right away that it is pure quality, no flimsy components here. Everything fits together like a Swiss watch. The feel of the unit alone is impressive.

The Ascent features a completely glass on glass vaping experience starting right at the heating chamber and running continuously right up to the mouthpiece. The entire vapor path is glass. No plastic or metal to tarnish the natural effect or aroma of the plant itself. For medicinal users or anyone with passion for natural flavors, this is your vaporizer.

DaVinci Ascent Portable Marijuana Vaporizer Review: Is The Ascent by DaVinci Still The Best Portable Weed Vaporizer for 2017? Read the Full Review! It’s as easy to use as the original DaVinci, configured a little bit differently, you load it by twisting the bottom section open to reveal the ceramic chamber (as seen above), and then just load in your ground bud or dried leaf.

I do find it works better when it’s pretty tightly packed into the chamber, but if I just want a small hit, I just pack it in pretty tightly at the bottom and it works just as well. It does come with a couple of little screens also which can be used to hold down a half bowl but I never actually needed them. It also comes with two glass chamber inserts (shown below) for oils and waxy material. I tried it with some Jamaican gum and it blew me away just how thoroughly it vaped through it.

Like the original, you can vary the temperature for different humidity levels, the screen features a fully digital temperature readout and heats up in seconds. The screen shows a little steaming coffee cup icon when it’s ready to go. You can inhale from the glass stem, or for more discreet occasions, right from the top of the unit itself which works surprisingly well.

The chamber that holds your herb is completely ceramic so it retains the heat exceptionally well and maintains a steady and even temperature on your herb. It is also very well insulated and even after using it for 15-20 minutes the case is still cool to the touch and the glass mouthpiece still quite comfortable to use.

DaVinci Ascent Review: Is The Ascent by DaVinci Still The Best Portable Weed Vaporizer for 2017? Read the Full Review! The battery lasts for as long as 3 hours of continuous use, mine lasts usually a full day of use on a single charge. It lasts more than twice as long as the original DaVinci.

In fact, the Ascent’s 3 hours of use is longest lasting battery life per charge of all the top portable vapes on the market today including the Solo and the Mighty.

There really is no mistake to the number one rank of the Ascent, it is an all around awesome little vaporizer and certainly one of the more stealthy available.

It is even smaller and fits more readily in the palm of your hand than the original DaVinci Pocket Vape. The size is close to that of the first generation of iPhones with a very similar weight and feel.

The only con to this unit is that the glass tubing for the actual vapor path is quite fragile once you take it out of the machine for cleaning.

Inside the unit itself, it is solidly packed so it’s not at all an issue, but be very careful when you take it out that you don’t drop it. I had to replace mine once already. Not really a big deal, they include a spare right in the box but be careful with it, no butterfingers!

The easiest way to clean out the glass insert is to just soak the whole thing in rubbing alcohol for a couple hours. They actually  include the spare so you can keep vaping while you soak the dirty one. Pretty ingenious, just don’t drop it…

DaVinci Ascent Review: Is The Ascent by DaVinci Still The Best Portable Weed Vaporizer for 2017? Read the Full Review! As far as the rest of the unit is concerned, including the glass chamber inserts, there has never been an issue and I have dropped them all several times over the last several months.

Once you start vaping your herb instead of smoking it, smoking begins to seem a little lackluster in comparison.

The high achieved from the vapor is not only more intense but somehow just feels more pure. I find I’m much less tired since I switched completely to vaping and stopped smoking.

The reason I mention this here, is that I have spent a few thousand dollars trying out many different vaporizers before I found this one.

If you are someone who really enjoys weed (medicinal or recreational) and are looking to start vaping it, or improve your overall vaping experience, take my word as a veteran medicinal user, spend the few extra dollars and you’ll only ever have to do it once.

The Verdict


DaVinci Ascent Review: Is The Ascent by DaVinci Still The Best Portable Weed Vaporizer for 2017? Read the Full Review! For anyone seeking the best portable vaporizer on the market today, not only in terms of pure performance, including vapor quality, but also in terms of battery life, stealth, portability and solid construction using quality materials, this is your vape.

I have tried and tested all the top portable vaporizers (many more than are listed here) and I can assure you, very few come close to my Ascent.

There are others that produce vapor quality just as good such as the Solo, The Mighty, The Firefly or even the new Air, but based on battery time, design, and ease of use, I keep choosing the Ascent.

If you want the best in portable vapor quality and overall pleasure of use, take my word for it as a veteran vaper, this is the one to get.

DaVinci Ascent Review: Is The Ascent by DaVinci Still The Best Portable Weed Vaporizer for 2017? Read the Full Review!

For a closer look at the Ascent in use, to see what they include in the box, and to get a better feel for the vapor production with some dry herb, you can also check out the video below. Enjoy!

***Although I have decided to keep this review essentially unaltered, DaVinci Has released an updated version called the IQ. It is a bit more expensive but is a nice step up from the already fantastic Ascent. You can read the full review for the new IQ here.***




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11 thoughts on “The Ascent by DaVinci

  1. This is a great unit and has everything im looking for in a vape. Battery life, variable temp and pure vapor glass vapor path.. You can’t put a price on PURE.. Da Vinci really took the market on this one guys,.. Ive been trying vapes ever since and im always back to the Da Vinci Ascent.. I love it!!

  2. Love your reviews & think the Crafty is for me! Please let me know when you review any new table-top or portable vaporizer.

    • Hi Kenn,
      Sure! If you fill it completely and pack it in, you could easily put between 1 and 1.2 grams. I usually only fill it about halfway personally and use about .4-.5.
      Hope that helps!

  3. Your review of the ascent just about had me ready to order until I saw the video showing the swivel base and its loading. The person for whom this is intended has some real problems with his hands and I think the balancing of the vape unit while loading would be a problem with the whole thing taking a tumble and everything ending up on the floor. Can you make a recommendation on a similar performing unit where the chamber would be an easier fill for a spastic person, ie it could sit on its own while filling and then be attached to the unit.
    Thanks for medical help,

    • Hi David,
      I understand your concern. Although I haven’t used any portable vapes that have a removable heating chamber, you might want to take a closer look at the Mighty. The chamber is at the top of the unit and is quite easy to fill. There is also a grinder attachment which connects so less chance of spilling your herb. Hope that helps!

    • Hey Dianne,

      You can’t use the Ascent with E-liquid. It only works with dry herb or concentrated material like wax, shatter etc. You could vape some e-liquid on a separate device, but I doubt it would really do much masking. The nice thing about vaporization is there is hardly any odor at all so it’s rarely a major concern. You’ll see once you try it, there really isn’t any smell to worry about!


  4. Hello, I have an Ascent and am very happy with it but seem to be going through an awful
    lot of material too quickly, I thought vaping would use less. With full or half full loaded I
    switch it on to 190 take two hits and switch off and take another hit. This works well enough
    but the stuff finishes up soon. As if the Ascent is still cooking it between sessions?
    How do I use it more sparingly? Thank you

    • Hey Braf,

      I’ve never done as few as only 2 tokes per session, but when I want very small sessions, I pack a half or a quarter chamber tightly at the bottom of the oven and then cover it with a regular pipe screen that I cut to fit snug. The screen is just to hold the material tightly in place.

      Once you take your tokes and turn it off, keep drawing on it until no more vapor is produced. I do think at only 2 tokes per time heated up, there might be quite a bit you are missing during the repeated heat up and cool down phases.

      The way I like to use it is to set it to around 365-370 depending on the strain, vape it until no more vapor is produced at that temperature, come back in an hour, raise it to about 390, hit it again until no more vapor, shut it off, come back again, hit it at about 405-410, etc. I find I get the most out of my herb that way.

      Hope that helps!

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