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Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for Medical Marijuana: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The VaporFi Atom Review Best Portable Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed -The VaporFi Atom

The Atom is the latest introduction by VaporFi, makers of the Orbit and the Stratus portable dry herb vaporizers and many popular e-cig vapes as well.

The Atom is the best weed vaporizer they have come out with thus far and I’m really enjoying the stylish good looks, pocketability and most importantly, the performance. It reminds me of the Pax series and works just as well but is less than half the price of even the original Pax.

Let’s take a quick overview before we get into the review itself, shall we?



  • Stylish, modern design
  • Solid alloyed body is attractive and virtually indestructible
  • Intuitive functions
  • Easy to use, load and clean
  • Three preset temperatures
  • Relatively large ceramic oven
  • Stainless steel vapor path
  • Smooth, pure, clean tasting vapor
  • Vapes material thoroughly
  • Great vapor production on medium and high settings
  • Food grade heavy silicone mouthpiece is comfortable and stays cool
  • Price


  • Not much vapor production on lowest temperature setting

The Review


Best Portable Vaporizers for Medical Marijuana: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The VaporFi Atom ReviewI’ve been looking forward to trying VaporFi’s new Atom for a couple of months now and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

Not only is it attractive in design and a pleasure to use, but it also produces very clean, sweet, pure tasting vapor.

I find the design of the Atom to be quite reminiscent of the Pax series. It features a similar solid metal alloy shell which envelopes the entire unit.

The solid metal sheathing gives the Atom an ultra modern look and renders the device virtually indestructible.

The Atom’s heating chamber is located at the bottom of the device and is a nice size for single sessions or small ones with a friend. It’s completely ceramic and holds about a third of a gram of herb. I like the magnetized oven door which holds firmly in place and allows for just enough airflow to get in and surround your bud.

Best Portable Vaporizers for Medical Marijuana: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The VaporFi Atom ReviewThe oven is very easy to load with an ample sized opening. If you remove the mouthpiece, you can sit it upright and load it with ease.

The vapor is drawn through the stainless steel vapor path between the oven and the mouthpiece. I am pleased to say the stainless steel works quite well and leaves the vapor pure and untarnished by any byproduct flavor residue from the device itself.

The mouthpiece is a heavy food grade silicone. It is comfortable to use and puff on and remains cool even during extended use. I actually like the feel of the mouthpiece on my lips as I’m puffing on it, it just feels more ergonomic than most. Being food grade silicon, it is odorless and tasteless leaving the natural aroma of the herb untouched.

Best Portable Vaporizers for Medical Marijuana: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The VaporFi Atom ReviewThere are three preset temperature settings on the Atom. The first (low) is represented by the blue LED and it is 360 degrees Fahrenheit which is just a touch low for me, the second or medium is 410 degrees (yellow LED) and high is 464 degrees and is indicated by the red LED.

The LED is also the remaining battery life indicator which is activated by shaking the unit while in use. A green light is a full charge remaining, yellow is under 60% and red is 20% or less.

The Atom uses a fairly advanced chipset and features several intuitive functions. On top of the shake function to check remaining battery life, it has a 5 minute shut-off timer. The nice thing about the shut-off mechanism is that it will blink before shutting itself off to warn you. If you want to keep your session going a little longer, all you need to do is start moving it and it’ll start counting down again.

For my personal use, as I mentioned earlier, I find the low setting to be just a little too low for me. Although I do get some great flavor at that level and some effect as well, I prefer starting myself off at the medium (yellow) setting and finishing off on the high temperature.

When I pack the chamber completely with about a 0.3-0.4/gram of weed, I usually get about 3-4 five minute sessions before I need to repack it and it vapes through my material quite well. I do sometimes stir it in between but it’s not always necessary.

I really like how pocketable and discreet it is too and how it looks while in use. It could easily be an electronic cigarette as far as most passers-by would be concerned. As a medicinal user I have no need to hide my usage but there are times when I would rather just avoid the sideways glances while I medicate, especially when I’m downtown.

Considering the price which is about half the price of the average and about a quarter what some of the top models cost, I’m more than happy with it.

VaporFi includes what you need in the starter kit as shown below. They even have a few different options for the mouthpiece so you can choose the one that suits your vaping style best. Check it out for yourself!

Best Portable Vaporizers for Medical Marijuana: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The VaporFi Atom Review

The Verdict


Best Portable Vaporizers for Medical Marijuana: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The VaporFi Atom ReviewAs you can probably tell from the review, I’m pretty pleased with this device. I enjoyed the Orbit and the Stratus as well and the Atom is a definite step up from both devices.

The design is awesome, quite sleek and modern looking and the discretion factor is great.

As I mentioned earlier, the lowest setting is a little low for my own personal taste, but I also know that’s a personal preference.

At 360 degrees, the effect is there and you will taste your herb but you won’t really see any vapor on the exhale as you will on the higher two settings. I personally just prefer to start my sessions at the second highest which is 410 and I get fantastic results.

The ceramic oven is a nice size and does a great job roasting my herb. When you factor in price and design on top of the great vapor production and effect, it’s definitely a vaporizer I do recommend. Particularly if you are on a somewhat tighter budget, the Atom is one to take a closer look at.


Best Portable Vaporizers for Medical Marijuana: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The VaporFi Atom Review

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