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The Firefly Vaporizer Review -The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2017 -All Top Brands Reviewed.

Best Portable Marijuana Vaporizers for 2017 -The Firefly -Full Review

The Firefly has been on the market for about a few years now and the verdict is in. Although it is considered by many to be the best portable vaporizer around, but there are some downsides too.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons before we get into the full review, shall we?


The Firefly Vaporizer Review -The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2017 -All Top Brands Reviewed. Pros

  • Compact, pocketable
  • Attractive but functional design
  • Solid construction
  • Smooth pure excellent tasting vapor
  • Glass and stainless steel vapor path (no plastics)
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Heats up almost instantly
  • Charges quickly
  • Battery can be swapped out


  • No digital temperature display
  • Firing button must be held down continuously while using
  • Tendency to burn herb if held too long
  • No temperature control settings
  • Requires a relatively heavy draw
  • Short battery life for a portable vape

The Review


The Firefly Vaporizer Review -The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2017 -All Top Brands Reviewed.

The Firefly was given it’s name because of the orange glow produced by the heating element when the oven is on (seen on the left).

What I like most about the Firefly is the design of the case, the quality of the materials used and the flavor of the vapor produced.

The vapor follows a path of borosilicate glass and stainless steel so the natural purity and flavor of the herb comes through quite intensely (shown on the right below). There are no plastics to tarnish the natural aromas and essence of the plant.

In terms of vapor production and quality, the Firefly is awesome. The vapor is a little on the hotter side, but it is thick and tasty as long as you don’t burn your herb. There is no temperature setting and you control that yourself by varying your draw speed and the length of time you keep your finger on the firing button.

The way I use it is to heat up the chamber for a few seconds by holding down the heating button, I then start with a slow draw for a second or two to pull some heated air around my herb and then I slowly increase it over about 5 or 6 more seconds. I then let go of the button and continue to inhale for another second or two to capture any remaining vapor. I find I get the best results that way and I can usually repeat that about 5-8 times per bowl.

The Firefly Vaporizer Review -The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2017 -All Top Brands Reviewed. It heats up almost instantly. I usually only hold down the button for about 5 or 10 seconds just to heat up the material a little before I start toking on it.

I find it produces some nice vapor for about 4 or 5 hits and then I need to take off the cover and mix my herb around a bit, otherwise it won’t vape right through the material. Once I mix it around I usually get another 2 or 3 good hits from a bowl (about a .2 of a gram).

The design of the bowl and the way the cover is magnetic and just clips into place make it a breeze to open mix up and the clean out. The air intakes are discreet but work well with a strong draw, drawing air right where you need it: into the herb chamber itself and then right down the vapor path.

For those who multi-task and don’t sit for complete sessions of 10 or 15 minutes at a time, this may be the vape for you because you can use it quite sporadically as the oven only heats up as long as you are holding the firing button down. You can start a bowl now, take a few hits and come back and finish it later on without wasting the remainder of your herb like you would with most vapes. That is a definite plus for the super busy.

The Firefly Vaporizer Review -The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2017 -All Top Brands Reviewed. The size of the unit itself is perfect, it’s kinda like the older cell phones before the smartphones came out (remember the old Nokia phones everyone had? I sometimes wish my iPhone was as small as those old phones…lol). I find it fits well both in your hand or discreetly in any pocket.

If the battery lasted longer I would be more enthused about this vaporizer but it only works for about 40 draws per charge. On the positive side, it also charges very quickly requiring only about 45 minutes to get fully charged up.

If you have access during the day to a power source, or are a mild user, this makes more sense. Alternatively, if you prefer The Firefly to others like The Solo or The DaVinci but want to extend your time away from power, you can buy additional batteries and swap them out but that’s not my cup of tea personally. With the quality of the vapor produced by The Firefly though, I can understand why some are willing do just that.

The Firefly uses a convection heating system which allows thorough use of your herb by drawing super heated air in to circulate throughout the chamber and around your weed each time you inhale.

It heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit within 10 seconds, so for someone on the go and always in a hurry who would use less than 40 draws per day (around 2-3 bowls) it is fantastic and will leave you more than happy every time you fire it up.

I love this vape, I just wish it lasted longer between charges because it performs as well as it looks and there are times when I prefer a slightly hotter vape which The Firefly is easily capable of simply by taking slower draws. It takes a bit of time to find the perfect draw speed for your preference, but once you find it, it is awesome.

They included everything you need in the box, it comes with the charger, the manual, a little cleaning kit and even a nice little carrying bag. I really like how they thought of all the little things too. It’s a great pocket vape that works like a charm. I just wish I had other options for extending the battery other than carrying spares.

The Verdict


The Firefly Vaporizer Review -The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2017 -All Top Brands Reviewed. As far as portable vapes go, the bar has been raised in the last few years and the Firefly competes quite well with any other top brand out there. The vapor is pure and clean and it’s ready to go almost instantly.

It’s an easy to use vape and the magnetic lid is really nice. It snaps into place after filling or mixing the chamber with a satisfying click and you know it’s in the right place.

The magnets are strong enough that it never falls apart in my pocket and I sometimes leave the chamber loaded. I’ve never had it fall open up in my pocket.

I really like it, but based on battery life alone, I would have a hard time getting through a work day with only 40 draws. There are times when I would be able to charge it there but other times when it’s not an option so I really depend on a long lasting battery.

That’s why for me, the Ascent‘s almost four hours of vape time always wins out. That being said, If you can live with the shorter battery life or are willing to carry extras, and you like a slightly hotter vape, this may be a good one for you.

As I mentioned earlier, if you are a very busy person always in the middle of three things at the same time, this is probably one of the best vapes for you just because you can use it when you have a minute and then forget about it until you can come back when things settle down a bit again without losing what is left in the chamber.

If you think The Firefly is for you, feel free to use the links below to check it out for yourself!

***Update*** Since the writing of the above article, Firefly Vaporizers has released an updated version of the Firefly called the Firefly 2. You can read that review here. ***

The Firefly Vaporizer Review -The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2017 -All Top Brands Reviewed.

The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2017 -Top Brands Reviewed. The Firefly Portable Vaporizer Review

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