Tourist 2 in 1 by Focus Vape Review

Best Vaporizers for Weed and Hash: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Tourist by Focus-Vape Review

Best Portable Vaporizers for 2018 -The Tourist by Focus Vape

The new Tourist Vaporizer has been my first introduction to Focus-Vape and I must say, they have certainly made a great first impression! The Tourist is a 2 in 1 vaporizer that performs very well with both dried marijuana flowers, and concentrated material like hash, wax and shatter.

The Tourist is quite unique in both design and function and is quite a pleasure to use alone or with friends. Let’s take a quick overview before we get too far into the review, shall we?



  • Attractive, multi-functional design
  • Features fully separate components for dry herb and concentrates
  • Includes water bubbler and magnetic stand
  • Relatively large ceramic oven for dry herb, fits up to half a gram
  • Titanium e-nail for concentrates
  • Glass vapor path / mouthpiece
  • Great flavor and vapor production in both modes
  • Adjustable from 248-464 F for dry herbs and from 482-842 F for concentrates
  • Temperature adjustable in 1 degree increments
  • Easy to read digital LED display
  • Removable 18650 electronics battery
  • Includes 1 LG 2500 mAh battery


  • Concentrate function not easily usable on-the-go
  • A little on the bulky side

The Review

The Tourist by Focus-Vape ReviewI’ve been using this new Tourist vaporizer now for about 2 weeks and I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. So far, I’ve been getting great flavor and vapor in both dry herb and concentrate modes.

The ceramic chamber does a great job with all my strains of herb, while the Titanium e-nail works fantastically with everything I’ve vaped on it thus far, ranging from some fresh shatter to some pretty fibrous Jamaican hash.

I actually just finished a small but early herb session on it and I find I’ve been staring at the same word for what must be close to five minutes now!

*Head Shake*

Alright, back to lucidity…

I was actually first approached by Focus Vape about a month ago after they stumbled upon this website and was asked if I wanted to review their all new new portable vaporizer.

As usual, I explained that although I was willing to test it out, I’d only be writing a review and adding it to these pages if it was something that I would personally use and recommend.

They seemed quite confident and sent it over right away. As I unboxed it (shown below), I was amazed at how many pieces were included in the starter kit!

Best Vaporizers for Weed and Hash: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Tourist by Focus-Vape Review

Not only are the two vaping chambers included, one for herb and one for concentrates, but they also include a very nice water bubbler and even a pretty handy stand for the unit itself.

Best Vaporizers for Weed and Hash: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Tourist by Focus-Vape ReviewI started by setting up for dry herb, as that is my main go-to medicine during the day, and did just one dry burn to remove any remaining manufacturing residue.

It was pretty clean though and probably didn’t even really need it. A simple wipe with an alcohol swab would probably have been enough. It was surprisingly clean.

Once I was ready to vape, I got some nice Bubba Kush out and ground up about a gram of it. I did stuff the oven quite full and packed it in pretty tightly. It easily held about half of the gram.

Best Vaporizers for Weed and Hash: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Tourist by Focus-Vape ReviewGetting started with the device is quite simple, use the side-switch to select the mode desired, then tap the up or down arrows three times quickly to activate the oven, and then select the desired temperature.

I set it initially to 365 degrees and got some smooth and flavorful vapor but it was still a little thin. I raised it up after the first 3 minute session to 380 and started getting a lot more flavor and seeing a lot more vapor on the exhale.

Just on the first bowl, I was able to get four good 3 minute sessions, raising the temperature 12-15 degrees each time. What amounted to about 1 joints worth of weed ended up giving me at least 2 joints worth of effect.

In dry herb mode, you can adjust the temperature all the way up to 464 degrees. For myself, 420 is usually more than hot enough to extract pretty much everything I can from my medicine without ever combusting it.

The Tourist by Focus-Vape Review

The ceramic oven and glass vapor path allow the pure and natural flavor of my herb to come through smoothly and cleanly. As far as purity and flavor are concerned, it’s fantastic.

With a friend or two, the oven size is perfect as it holds up to a half a gram and I can easily share a full bowl with 1 or 2 people and have us all satisfied, but alone, a full chamber is a little large for single sessions I find.

I’ve started filling the oven up only a third to half the way full and covering my herb with a screen to hold it in place. I’ve been getting great results that way without wasting any herb at all when I’m alone.

Best Vaporizers for Weed and Hash: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Tourist by Focus-Vape ReviewOnce I was ready to vape some hash, I simply unscrewed the ceramic oven attachment and attached the Titanium e-nail in it’s place. For concentrates, the temperature goes as high as 842 degrees F.

I found with most of my material, 550-600 was usually best and I got great results and awesome flavor with everything I vaped on it.

One thing I don’t really like is that to vape any type of concentrated material, you need to attach the water bubbler.

In other words, there is no way to use the concentrate section without the bubbler, unless you inhale right from the e-nail like you’d inhale from a “hot knife”.

As a result, if you are really into concentrates as your primary medicine, this vaporizer wouldn’t be my first recommendation if you’re on the go a lot. With the stand, device, bubbler, etc. it’s far from being convenient to carry around.

The dry herb portion with glass mouthpiece is much more convenient to carry but it’s still relatively bulky compared to some others at almost 8 inches tall. For the concentrate functions, I would consider it mainly a desktop vaporizer with no plug.

Best Vaporizers for Weed and Hash: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Tourist by Focus-Vape ReviewOne bonus with this vape is the fact that it features a removable 18650 electronics battery so you can swap batteries when you’re on the go and easily have enough power for a full day of vaping.

For myself, it’s just a little bulky to be my main vaporizer on the road. As a desktop vaporizer, it performs well but there are better options in that category as far as I’m concerned.

As far as performance, flavor and vapor production are concerned, The Tourist is great. It’s easily as good as any of the top portable vaporizers around right now. If it were a little more compact and easier to use on the go, I would be a little more enthused about it.

As far as a dry herb vaporizer it does a great job and gives me awesome results in terms of both flavor and effect. I also really enjoy the occasional dab on the e-nail when I’m sitting here in front of a screen.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time at home but would like to have the option of having something with you when you do have to dash out, it is a good option to consider.

I can firmly attest to the fact that it does the job it was intended to do quite well with both weed and hash (wax, shatter, etc.). I just personally wish it was a little smaller because it is a very well made vaporizer and quite a pleasure to use.

Best Vaporizers for Weed and Hash: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Tourist by Focus-Vape Review

The Verdict

The Tourist Vaporizer Review by Focus-VapeThe Tourist scores quite high with me as far as performance, purity of vapor, flavor and overall effect. It’s a very well made, high-quality vaporizer.

I love the ceramic oven and the size is great for group situations. A full chamber can easily satisfy 2-4 people or more depending on the tolerances of the group you’re with.

If you’re into dabbing, it’s fun to use and does a great job there too, as it does with some good hash. Unfortunately, the concentrate portion as mentioned earlier is only really usable with the bubbler attachment and stand so I personally only use that part at home.

The dry herb portion is pocketable but as mentioned, it is still rather large at over an inch in diameter and almost 8 inches long. If you are someone who carries a bag though, it definitely makes more sense.

Overall, I find the Tourist to be a solid vaporizer and a pleasure to use. It gives me great results in both modes and I can easily say that as far as performance, flavor and effect are concerned, it will handily please even the most seasoned cannabists and have them smiling in minutes. Check it out for yourself using the links below!

Best Vaporizers for Weed and Hash: Found, Tested and Reviewed. The Tourist by Focus-Vape Review





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**I will be adding links as this vaporizer is picked up by various retailers around the world.**



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