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Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed. The V2 PRO Series 7 Review

Best Portable Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed -The V2 PRO Series 7

I have been excited about V2 Cigs new Pro Series 7 ever since my initial skepticism about the original Pro Series 3 was put to rest.

The V2 PRO Series 3 was the first (and only) pen style vape that actually vaporized my weed without simply combusting it like every other one I have ever used including some very recent releases. In fact, I just received another one this week to review and all I got from it was burnt herb, completely useless.

The new V2 PRO Series 7 is a nice step up from Series 3 though because it has a much larger herb chamber, longer battery life and yet is still is quite discreet and pocketable. Like the 3, the new Series 7 is also a three in one vaporizer that allows for use with dry herb, waxes and concentrates as well as e-liquid.

Let’s take a quick overview once again before we get into the review itself, shall we?



  • Small, compact and pocketable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Solid construction
  • Unique design
  • Comfortable mouthpiece, stays cool
  • Ultra discreet
  • Nice sized herb chamber, hold .2-.3 / gram dry herb
  • Heats up quickly, within 30 seconds
  • 60-90 minutes of use per charge
  • 3 preset temperatures
  • Allows for use with dry herb, concentrates and e-liquid
  • Vapes dry herb thoroughly, no stirring required


  • Lowest temperature setting is a little high (390 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Heating chamber is mainly metallic

The Review

Best Portable Marijuana Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed. The V2 PRO Series 7 ReviewV2‘s New Series 7 is quite a leap from the original Series 3. As I mentioned earlier, the Series 3 is still the only pen style vape I have ever used that doesn’t just immediately burn my herb. The chamber is quite small but it vapes my material surprisingly well.

The new Series 7 is a completely new design that does away with the traditional vape-pen style and resembles many of the more popular models like the Orbit or even the Pinnacle Pro.

The really cool thing about the V2 Pro is the versatility and the fact that you can swap out the chamber inserts and vape dry herb, concentrated material and even e-liquid right in the same device.

Even though I quit smoking cigarettes almost seven years ago, I still like to vape e-liquid occasionally and it’s nice not to have to carry a second device if I’m out with friends.

I will say though that for me, both the e-liquid and concentrate inserts are nice little extras but my main concern is how well it vaporizes my medicine (weed).

The first thing I looked at when I took it out of the box is the herb chamber. It’s a nice size, holding about a third of a gram. The oven is a combination of ceramic and metal. I cycled through a session with nothing in the chamber just to get rid of any residual flavor or leaching chemicals, but only once and I don’t even think it was necessary.

Best Portable Marijuana Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed. The V2 PRO Series 7 ReviewWhen I did fill the chamber with herb, I got nothing but sweet and pretty thick vapor. No by-product flavor from the machine whatsoever. I like the way the mouthpiece screws into place over the heating chamber with a 90 degree turn and the oval shape and small cigar size make it quite comfortable to puff on.

Even after 2 session back to back of about 5 minutes each, the mouthpiece was still cool to the touch. The top of the mouthpiece is plastic but it’s quite thick and heavy. It does a great job of keeping the heat away from your lips and again, I tasted nothing but my weed, no plastic or metallic taste at all.

I do find I get the best results by puffing on it similarly to how I would puff on a cigar at the lowest temperature setting or 390 degrees. I do generally like to start my session of at around 365-370 and work my way up so the low setting is a little on the high side for me, but I get nice vapor which is warm and thick but comfortable and full of flavor.

They give you pretty much everything you need right in the starter kit including the dry herb and e-liquid chamber inserts but if you want to vape concentrates, you’ll have to buy the wax attachment separately.

Personally, I would recommend trying to lay a small piece of hash or wax on a very thin bed of weed at the bottom of the chamber if you don’t want to spent the extra money on the attachment, it works great. If you mainly use concentrated material though, the attachment might not be a bad idea as you can just lay you hit right on the coil no bed of weed needed.

Best Portable Marijuana Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed. The V2 PRO Series 7 Review

V2 has been around for year and I’ve been fond of them since my days of quitting smoking when I used their cigalike e-cigs for a while. I was as impressed with them then as I was with the original Pro Series 3.

Their products are high quality and their customer service is outstanding. I hear they are coming out with the Series 9 soon, I’m already waiting in line to try that one out too!

One thing I can say with certainty is that if it’s as good as the Series 3 and 7, they’ll definitely have another winner on their hands. The Pro Series 7 is a great vaporizer that I use almost exclusively with my dry bud but as I mentioned, the e-liquid insert works great as well.

The design makes it’s impossible to tell from afar what you are using it with, it could pass for an e-cig any day of the week because that’s also what is is! Keep the e-liquid inset handy for those times when you might have too many eyes on you. It’s definitely a 10 as far as the discreetness factor is concerned.

The new V2 Pro Series 7 is a solid all in one vaporizer that will satisfy vapers of almost any style. If you are someone who needs the versatility of being able to vape dry herb, waxes, hashes and e-liquid too, this is one of the vaporizers to look more closely at.

For myself, using mainly as an on-the-go weed vaporizer it performs quite well and provides over 2 hours of use on a single charge.

I rarely use the e-liquid potion but I do carry it with me filled with some cola flavored e-liquid which I also got from them and on occasion (especially when I’m in traffic or really angry about something) I’ll take a few hits and get a little nicotine buzz, which I still find appeasing at times.

No question about it: The new V2 Pro Series 7 is a solid all around vaporizer that will please just about anyone from casual vaper to vape connoisseur like myself. Particularly if you are someone who likes to vape a variety of ways from dry herb and concentrates to e-liquid, this is one I would highly recommend taking a closer look at!

Best Portable Marijuana Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed. The V2 PRO Series 7 Review

The Verdict

Best Portable Marijuana Vaporizers for 2017 Reviewed. The V2 PRO Series 7 ReviewI have been enthused about trying this vaporizer since I had such a great experience with the Series 3. I have to say that not only was it as good as I was hoping, it’s actually even slightly better.

The heating chamber being metallic was a big downside for me until I actually used it. It retains heat and distributes it remarkably evenly. That is largely due to the ceramic ring which encircles the oven with a 3 millimeter band around the top.

The ceramic maintains stability which is absent in most other metal heating chambers. I had concerns about by-product flavors and leaching chemicals due to the materials used but surprisingly, encountered none.

The vapor produced was pure, thick and flavorful. I did a dry burn to cycle off any manufacturing residue, but even then, no odor was released, so I don’t even think I needed to.

I’ve had no unvaped weed at the end of a session and I haven’t had to stir a bowl once yet. I only really use it at the lowest setting because it does such a great job, but there is still room to go. If you like a warmer vapor, the second or even highest setting might suit you better. The vapor is quite a bit thicker at the higher settings too.

I would go as far as to recommend this as a stand alone weed vaporizer, but if you do use hash, wax or e-liquid as well, this is a fantastic choice.

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