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Best of the Best Portable Vaporizers Reviewed. -Best of the Top Shelf Cannabis VaporizersThis section is entirely dedicated to finding the best of the top shelf vaporizers currently on the market. Although price is a factor, it isn’t the main one in terms of what qualifies a vaporizer to be called “Top Shelf” or “Best of the Best”.

The primary factors to consider when looking to purchase a new vaporizer are:

  • Performance
  • Vapor production
  • Purity and potency of vapor
  • Battery life
  • Preferred medicine (flowers or concentrates)
  • Efficiency of vaporization
  • Ease of use
  • Materials used in construction
  • Finally, price

Best of the Best Portable Vaporizers Reviewed. -Best of the Top Shelf Cannabis VaporizersAlthough most of the top shelf vapes in this section are more expensive than their mid-range counterparts, that isn’t the case with all of them.

There are top shelf vaporizers that don’t come with top shelf prices like the Utillian 721 for example. If you are someone on a very tight or restrictive budget, this may not be the best section for you, although if you think of the longer term, any good vaporizer will easily end up paying for itself with money saved on herb.

As I mentioned earlier on this site, once I switched to vaping, I was able to cut my weed budget by more than half.

For myself, that was about 100-150 dollars a week less than I was spending while I was still smoking my herb. It really didn’t take long for my first vaporizers to pay for themselves.

Even my most expensive vape at the time, my Volcano paid for itself within the first two months of use and I’ve had it almost ten years now.

The reason I mention this here is to encourage you to take the price tag with a bit of a grain of salt. Focus primarily on what you want in a vaporizer, your primary medicine (flowers or concentrates) and your preferred vaping style and then finally on price. Even if it means waiting a little while to get the best vape to suit your needs, it will be worth it in the end.

So, let’s jump right into it then. This page features the best top shelf portable vaporizers currently on the market. As you’ll see, there are both conduction and convection based vapes listed here.

The difference is in how the vapor is generated. When it’s created through direct contact between the herb and the oven or heating chamber, that’s known as a conduction based vaporizer. When the vapor is created by forcing hot air through the material, that’s known as a convection vape.

Best of the Best Portable Vaporizers Reviewed. -Best of the Top Shelf Cannabis Vaporizers

Personally, I find the difference between the two to be negligible, particularly with portable vaporizers. The main difference is that with conduction vaporizers, for optimal results, you need to pack your herb pretty tightly in the heating chamber to maintain direct contact. With convection vapes, since the vapor is created by hot air surrounding your herb, packing is unnecessary.

As a result, convection vaporizers can be slightly more economical on herb than convection based vapes. It’s not a huge difference since the heating chambers on portable vaporizers are relatively small, but it will definitely add up over time.

My personal favorite vaporizer is conduction based while my (very close) second pick is convection based. So here we go, the best of the best portable weed vaporizers are…

#1 -Best Conduction Vaporizer -The DaVinci IQ


DaVinci IQ Review -Best of the Best -The Current Best Portable Weed Vaporizers (2018)-Performance:  98/100

-Vapor quality:  98/100

-Pocketability:  98/100

-Discreetness:  96/100

-Usage time per charge:  90 minutes per 18650 

-Price:  $$$

-Overall: 98/100


The DaVinci IQ is the newest offering by DaVinci Vaporizers, originators of both the Ascent and the Original DaVinci Vaporizer. The IQ is the best flavor producing vaporizer I have ever tested offering a fully ceramic heating chamber and vapor path.

It features a removable 18650 battery which allows for non-stop vaping on the go. It is quite small and a comfortable fit in any pocket or purse.

Although it is a dry herb vaporizer only and is not compatible with concentrates, as far as I’m concerned, it is by far the best vaporizer for dry herb on the market today. Read the full review here.

#1 -Best Convection Vape -The Utillian 721


Best Portable Conduction Vaporizer Tested and Reviewed. The Utillian 721-Performance:  98/100

-Vapor quality:  98/100

-Pocketability:  96/100

-Discreetness:  80/100

-Usage time per charge:  90 minutes per charge

-Price:  $$

-Overall: 97/100


The Utillian 721 is a dual-use fully convection vaporizer capable of vaporizing both dry herb and concentrated material. It features a 50% increase in battery life over it’s predecessor, offering a full 90 minutes of use per charge.

The Utillian 721 features a stainless steel herb chamber which easily holds up to 0.4 / gram of herb, but as a fully convection vaporizer it is capable of vaporizing a little as 0.1 / gram for small single sessions.

One of the most economical vaporizers on material of all portable vapes on the market. Herbs and concentrates are only vaporized as air is drawn through them making it more economical on medicine than most conduction vapes.

Based on performance, ease of use, battery holding capacity and price, it easily ranks as one of the best fully convection vaporizers on the market today. Read the full review here.

#2 Best Conduction Vaporizer -The Arizer Air 2


Best Portable Weed Vaporizers Tested and Reviewed. The Arizer Air 2 Review-Performance:  98/100

-Vapor quality:  98/100

-Pocketability:  92/100

-Discreetness:  92/100

-Usage time per charge:  90 minutes per 18560 Battery

-Price:  $$

-Overall: 96/100


The Air 2 is Arizer’s latest update to the beloved Arizer Air. The Air 2 features improved airflow over the original, more features, a digital LED display and more user control.

The vapor quality is on par with any of the top vaporizers on this page due to a glass and stainless steel heating chamber and a pure glass vapor-path.

The Air 2 is smaller than the original and features a removable 18650 battery allowing for non-stop vaping on the go. The included battery has been improved as well, now allowing for a full 90 minutes of use per charge.

The improved airflow and new digital display, along with full temperature control from 122-428 degrees Fahrenheit make it quite a nice step up from the original. Definitely one of the best new portable vaporizers to come out this year. Read the full review here.

#2 Best Convection Vaporizer -The Firefly 2


Firefly 2 Review Best of the Best -Top Tier Portable Vaporizer Reviews-Performance:  96/100

-Vapor quality:  98/100

-Pocketability:  92/100

-Discreetness:  80/100

-Usage time per charge:  3-4 sessions per battery 

-Price:  $$$$

-Overall: 95/100



The Firefly Series is unforgettable. It originally was named due to the orange glow emitted by the heating chamber while in use.

The Firefly 2 is completely unique in design and vaping style. It is a fully convection vaporizer that only heats your herb while the firing buttons are activated and air is being drawn through it, allowing for sessions as long or short as time permits without wasting any material.

The Firefly uses Borosilicate Glass for the vapor path which allows the natural flavors of the herb to come through exceedingly well. New to the Firefly 2 is the ability to select your desired vaping temperature from 6 preset temperatures using a blue tooth app.

There is no question about it, not only is the Firefly 2 one of the most fun vaporizers to use with all my medicine, it was also definitely made with the cannabis connoisseur in mind. Read the full review here.

#3 Best Conduction Vaporizer -The Pax 3 by Pax Labs


Pax 3 Review -Best of the Best -The Current Best Portable Weed Vaporizers (2018)-Performance:  95/100

-Vapor quality:  92/100

-Pocketability:  99/100

-Discreetness:  93/100

-Usage time per charge:  Up to 120 minutes 

-Price:  $$$

-Overall: 93/100


The Pax 3 is the latest edition by Pax Labs to the adored Pax Series. The Pax 3 is the first Pax vaporizer which allows for use with both dry herb as well as concentrated material.

The Pax 3 now features 4 completely adjustable temperature settings using a smart phone, blue tooth app. The battery holding capacity is the greatest of any Pax yet at 3500 mAh, giving about 2 hours of use per charge.

The vapor production is quite incredible and the heat up time is the fastest currently on the market. The Pax 3 comes with a full 10 year warranty and is another all around fantastic portable vaporizer, especially for those who enjoy hot dense clouds of hard hitting vapor. Read the full review here.

#3 Best Convection Vaporizer -The Mighty by Storz & Bickel


The Mighty Vaporizer Review -Best of the Best -The Current Best Portable Weed Vaporizers (2018)-Performance:  96/100

-Vapor quality:  97/100

-Pocketability:  60/100

-Discreetness:  59/100

-Usage time per charge:  Up to 90 minutes 

-Price:  $$$$

-Overall: 91/100


Although the Mighty by Storz & Bickel has been out for several years now, at least in my mind, it still deserves a spot in the “best of…” category.

The Mighty is manufactured by the same people who make the Volcano vaporizer. The same quality that goes into the Volcano can be found in the Mighty and the vapor quality is nearly as good.

The Mighty features a relatively large heating chamber making it a great portable vaporizer to use with friends. It is extremely rugged and well made but rather bulky, so it doesn’t fit too well in a pocket and is far from being discreet.

The performance and the oven size make it a great choice nonetheless especially for group situations and when discretion is less important. Click here to read the complete review.

Final Thoughts

Best of the Best Portable Weed Vaporizers Reviewed. -Best of the Top Shelf Cannabis VaporizersSo there you have the current top six best portable cannabis vaporizers and what I’d consider the cream of the crop in terms of what is available today.

This website has grown incredibly since I started highlighting the top 5 vaporizers on the market at the time which included both portable and desktop models (there really were only 5 at the time even worth talking about).

A lot has changed since then and the technology has evolved rapidly with innovation seen from all over the world. This section will continually be updated as newer vapes are introduced that outperform their predecessors.

If you haven’t found a portable vaporizer on this page that suits your present needs or budget, check out the Mid-Range and Budget sections too.

I have used the same care with testing each one as I have on this page an regardless of price. I wouldn’t include a vaporizer on this site that I wouldn’t use myself and recommend to my closest friends.

There are far, far too many new vaporizers being introduced these days to waste precious space and time creating reviews for sub-par vapes.

So if you didn’t find what you were looking for here, take a moment to peruse the other sections. Any vape listed on this site will do the job it was intended to do. Some with more style than others of course, but they really are all good vapes or they wouldn’t be listed here at all.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy and vape on!

Best of the Best Portable Vaporizers Reviewed. -Best of the Top Shelf Cannabis Vaporizers



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