Arizer Air 2 Review

Best Portable Vaporizers for Weed Tested and Reviewed. The Arizer Air 2 ReviewBest Portable Weed Vaporizers for 2017 -The Arizer Air 2 Review

Arizer is a Canadian based vaporizer manufacturer, quite well known for their high quality, durable devices as well as their overall attention to detail. They are also the originators of the Extreme Q desktop vaporizer and the Solo portable vape.

The original Air came out about 3 years ago now, and I thoroughly enjoyed using it and even had it in the second spot overall for well over a year.

The Air 2 features some very nice upgrades over it’s predecessor and some cool new functions as well. Let’s take a quick overview before we get too far into the review itself, shall we?



  • Attractive, sleek design
  • Smaller, more pocketable than original
  • Stainless steel heating chamber
  • Glass vapor path
  • Digital screen, shows temperature and battery life
  • Fully adjustable temperature control in 1 degree increments
  • Removable 18650 electronics battery
  • Pure, smooth, potent vapor production
  • Improved airflow over original
  • Vaporizes herb thoroughly, evenly
  • Programmable auto shut-off timer
  • Volume-adjustable beep-tone indicates when device is powered on and off


  • Glass vapor path still a separate piece

The Review

Arizer Air 2 Review One of the Best New Portable Weed Vaporizers to Come Out This Year!I have really enjoyed everything I have tried from Arizer thus far. Their Extreme Q is a fantastic, high quality desktop vaporizer, while their Solo was arguably one of the best flavor producing portable vapes on the market for several years.

The original Air was referred to by many as the Solo-Mini when it first came out because it featured the same basic oven design and produced the same great vapor in a slightly smaller, more pocketable device.

The Air 2 features the same overall oven and vapor path design with a few key improvements. The vapor is produced in a glass and stainless steel heating chamber and follows a pure glass vapor path. The vapor is potent, pure, and great tasting.

There was a slight constriction in airflow on the original Solo and Air which was easily solved by lifting the glass insert up a hairsbreadth from the bottom of the heating chamber.

Best Portable Vaporizers for Weed Tested and Reviewed. The Arizer Air 2 ReviewThe Air 2 features an improved heating chamber design (as seen on the right). Arizer has accounted for the airflow restriction by grinding out four airflow slots at the bottom of the oven.

The new design allows for more than enough air to get in and around your herb without any adjusting needed.

The Air 2 now also features a fully digital LED display which shows remaining battery life as well as the set temperature. It also shows the current temperature in the oven as the device is heating up.

Although the oven is stainless steel, the actual heating chamber for herb is mostly glass. The glass vapor path is also the herb chamber and the only part of the herb that actually touches the steel is the very bottom. It makes for a very smooth, pure, flavorful vapor. The glass retains heat quite nicely allowing for thorough, efficient vaporization without the need for stirring mid-session.

Arizer Air 2 Review One of the Best New Portable Weed Vaporizers to Come Out This Year!

The temperature is fully adjustable in one degree increments from 122-428 degrees Fahrenheit (50-220 C).

The Air 2 now features a beep tone when the device is turned on and off. You can adjust the volume of the tone in the settings, from off to full volume with 2 steps in between.

The automatic shut off timer on the Air 2 is programmable from 5-15 minutes. The beep-tone will also sound as the device powers itself down after a set number of minutes.

The Air 2 is slightly smaller that the original, it’s just under 5 inches in length and just 1 inch in diameter. Even with the glass mouthpiece attached, it’s under 7 inches tall.

I do find the fact that the glass vapor path is still a separate piece to be a slight con, but they do include a nice carrying case which easily holds the device and both vapor paths, so it’s really not a big issue.

Arizer has added a handy little bonus to this kit. They include two snug fitting rubber end pieces to securely hold loaded glass vapor tubes.

Best Portable Vaporizers for Weed Tested and Reviewed. The Arizer Air 2 Review

The rubber end pieces are secure enough to be able to load both glass chambers with herb before leaving the house, and keep them ready to vape in the carrying case. It’s a small thing, but it comes in very handy when you’re busy on the go.

Arizer Air 2 Review One of the Best New Portable Weed Vaporizers to Come Out This Year!Like the original, the Air 2 features a removable 18560 electronics battery which can be charged using the on-board charger, or in a separate wall charger while you keep vaping.

I find it a huge plus for any vape to feature a removable battery for two important reasons.

Firstly, because it allows for non-stop vaping on the same device for extended periods away from the house. Secondly, because the built-in batteries in devices usually last 1-2 years before they begin to wear down.

With removable battery devices, you can simply replace the battery and continue using the same device for many more years without sacrificing any charge-holding capacity.

You can even buy batteries with more mAh (milliampere hour) and get even more time between charges. The battery that comes in the box is a 3400 mAh 18650 which lasts up to 90 minutes of use per charge.

All in all, it’s a fantastic device, built with the purist in mind, while still catering to the die-hard Solo and Air fans with a new and improved version of a solid, high-quality portable vaporizer. If you are someone who likes pure, potent, plentiful vapor, especially if you were a fan of the Solo, or original Air, it’s definitely one to take a closer look at.

Check out the Arizer Air 2 at Vape World!

The Verdict

Arizer Air 2 Review One of the Best New Portable Weed Vaporizers to Come Out This Year!Another solid vaporizer from Arizer. There really isn’t much to complain about with the Air 2. Even the glass vapor path being a separate piece is a little nit-picky.

The carrying case and the rubber end pieces more than make up for any inconvenience due to having to carry more than one piece.

The vapor production is plentiful, flavorful and very satisfying. The Air 2 features a wider temperature range than any other vaporizer on the market right now, and I’ve been experimenting with very low temperature sessions.

Even starting off at 280, I’m getting great flavor and cerebral effect with very little actual visible vapor. I’ve been able to extend my herb and get an extra session or two on the same bowl that way.

I really am a purist, and I can’t complain at all with the purity of vapor produced with the Air 2. As most of the heating chamber is glass, heated by stainless steel, there is nothing impeding the natural flavor and aroma from coming through splendidly.

I enjoyed the original Air, but the Air 2, with the added airflow and wider temperature range is far superior in my opinion. I love the smaller size and the comfortable mouthpiece tip to puff on. It kinda feels like those old cigarette tips you see in movies from the 1920s.

The Air 2 really is a pleasure to vape on and one I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who enjoys clean, pure vapor. In my opinion, it easily ranks within the best of the top-shelf portable weed vaporizers on the market right now. Take a closer look for yourself using the links below!

Arizer Air 2 Review One of the Best New Portable Weed Vaporizers to Come Out This Year!

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